Irish ice hockey star resigns in protest against vaccine passports, ‘total government control’

Irish ice hockey star Niall McEvoy has announced to his coaches and teammates that he is stepping down, explaining that he can no longer represent a country that demands vaccine passports.

The Irish government has passed a bill in the past two days that will require proof of vaccination if patrons wish to dine at restaurants, pubs and cafes inside.

A “vaccine passport”, either paper documentation or a digital COVID-19 certificate from the EU, will very soon be required for people to enter all covered establishments in Ireland, according to the BBC.

On Friday morning, McEvoy emailed his Irish national ice hockey team teammates and coaches to quit.

The e-mail, which was read in full on the Richie Allen Show and posted on its website, said: “Ireland is now, officially, a medical / fascist apartheid state in line with the broader global control grid.”

“The group of people acting as the Irish government have been authorized, by our citizens, Gardaí and the Irish Defense Forces to erode our rights which are granted to us under the Irish constitution, the Bill of Human Rights of the UN and violated the Nuremberg Code. “

McEvoy added: “I can no longer represent a country that has endorsed discrimination and segregation between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.”

The hockey star explained that during the pandemic he and his family “have become second class citizens in Ireland. We can no longer do the same thing first class citizens can do.”

“It is extremely dangerous for our democracy,” McEvoy said. “These laws are unjust and therefore give me the right not to follow them.”

He added that because the police support the government in this decision, he “can no longer[er] trust those who have taken an oath to protect us.

He said he would not accept the use of vaccine passports or any other type of identification as this “allows full government control over Irish citizens and brings us closer to the cattle”.

McEvoy, who played for the Irish national ice hockey team for 13 years, said he hopes that in the future he can join his team and his lifelong friends, “which also made me feel provided so much joy and happiness over the years “.

Commentators on Richie Allen’s story have shared their support for the hockey player. One of them wrote: “Niall – you have single-handedly restored my faith. I am very, very proud of your courage and your stand on this very big issue.”

Another commentator also said: “Well done young man, you are a hero of this Scamdemic.”

News week Contacted the International Ice Hockey Federation for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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Irish hockey player Niall McEvoy resigned on Friday due to the recent Irish vaccination passport bill. General view of the Belfast Giants game against the Nottingham Panthers in the UK Elite League during the match at Odyssey Arena (now SSE Arena), Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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