Olympics 2021: Ugandan runaway found by Japanese police

His run did not last long. Julius Ssekitoleko is found by Japanese police, just four days after his disappearance. The Ugandan weightlifter had left the Olympic village after learning he would no longer participate in the Olympics (July 23-August 8) because of a history of quotas.

Julius Ssekitoleko is found by Japanese police, 4 days after his escape

Reported missing four days ago after arriving in Tokyo, Japan, the Ugandan weightlifter was quickly found by local police. His fugue was therefore ephemeral. Because, as soon as the disappearance of Julius Ssekitoleko was reported, the Japanese police launched a real manhunt.

And after 96 hours he was found. “The man was found today (this Tuesday July 20) in Mie prefecture. He is neither injured nor is he also involved in a crime ”, Osaka police official told AFP.

Asked about his motivations, Julius Ssekitoleko said he wanted to look for work in Japan. He then took advantage of the Olympic Games to blend in with nature.

“He had all his administrative papers. For the moment, we do not know if we should use it towards our country (Uganda) or at the embassy “, pursuit of the Japanese police officer.

“He did not put up any resistance”

The alert was given on Friday after Ssekitoleko failed to show up for a coronavirus test. He wasn’t in his hotel room either.

The 20-year-old had discovered he would not be able to compete in the Tokyo Games. This, because of a quota system that had passed to it. And already present on Japanese soil, he then took this opportunity to dress up.

A note was found in his room. She demanded that her affairs be referred to her family in Uganda. Police said Ssekitoleko traveled to Nagoya in central Japan and then to neighboring Gifu prefecture before moving south to Mie.

“The summer found in a house belonging to people with a connection to the man. Ssekitoleko did not put up resistance. He speaks frankly. We always ask him about his motives,” the police chief said.



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