Congo-Support to federations – The government sets its conditions

Will the Congolese government support Congolese clubs engaged in international competitions? Yes, replies the Ministry of Sports. But depending on whether the federations comply with the new conditions.

From our correspondent in Congo,

Ngouelondelé, the Congolese Minister of Sports.

Formula One Hugues Ngouelondelé. For the Minister of Youth and Sports, Civic Education, Qualifying Training and Employment, too much was too much.

It is an understatement to say about the circular letter n ° 0336 of July 15 intended for the sports direction, but especially for the Congolese sports federations. National sports federations must henceforth request the entry of representative clubs, national teams and athletes to international competitions. The expressed commitment will only be taken into account after technical advice from the Ministry in charge of Sports., can we read in the document.

For ministry technicians, “Time to come to sports tourism”, according to the expression of a ministry official who requested anonymity. The latter explains: “Take the example of football: there are clubs which are the best here in Congo, but which are included in international competitions such as the Champions League and the CAF Cup. If the state supports you, the compensation it expects is victory which is its moral satisfaction. “

The decision also stems from the limited resources, especially in this period when Congo-Brazzaville is facing a terrible crisis aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic. “Imagine that all the statements of needs of the federations amount to 11 billion CFA francs (nearly 16.8 million euros). But the state only finds third parties, reveals our source. This is why the minister considered that the federations must first seek the opinion of the ministry so that the latter examines the availability of means. “

“No need for controversy, let’s go”

On social networks, reactions are divergent. Well done Mr. Minister, it was time to bang your fist on the table ”, replied a user on Facebook. Win with what quality of the championship? With secondary professionals? “ asks another.

You side of the federations, nobody dares to comment on the decision in an official way. Both the subject is “sensitive”. Yet, under cover of anonymity, everything suggests that there are some muted gnashing of teeth. “In the end, the Volleyball Federation has not yet received a response to its file relating to the preparations for the African championship which will take place in Cairo. There, too, is the lack of results when we are among the best in Central Africa? “, asks a member of the Congolese Football Federation (FECOFOOT).

Others say they have taken note of the decision. “In handball, we don’t have to argue about it. If this is the condition to benefit from the support of the State, let’s go ”, a detailed source close to the Congolese Handball Federation (FECOHAND).

John Ndinga-NGOMA

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