Update on Harry Smith’s Return to WWE

Harry Smith (aka Davey Boy Smith Jr.) returned to WWE last night after working out a Dark Match, where he teamed up with Austin Theory. The two have defeated Odyssey Jones and Xyron Quinn before Smack down left.

Smith has officially signed with WWE, according to a new report from PWInsider.

Smith and WWE agreed to a new contract dating back to last March, but things remained silent until it was the right time to take him out. No other details of the contract were provided.

Smith, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, previously worked for the company from 2006-2011, and since then has seen significant international success for companies such as MLW, NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Smith spoke to Megan Morant for a behind-the-scenes post-game interview last night about returning to WWE after a decade of absence.

“You know, it’s great to be back in WWE, especially in the WWE Universe, living here in Houston, TX,” Smith said. “The atmosphere, the vibe, the energy you can get from a live WWE audience nothing can touch it and that’s why Harry Smith is back in WWE. For the past ten years I’ve been around the world making myself the best competitor I can be, all over Japan, all over Europe, and that’s why I’m back in WWE, to show exactly how much Harry Smith has grown in this past. “

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