BOCOG pledges to deliver Beijing 2022 “simple, safe and beautiful”

TOKYO, July 21 (Xinhua) – Organizers of Beijing 2022 have once again assured the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the world that China will host a “simple, safe and beautiful” Winter Olympics in less than 200 days.

Zhang Qian, Head of the International Relations Department, represented the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) to present an updated report on the preparations for the Games at the 138th IOC Session on Wednesday, highlighting seven aspects, including sites. and infrastructure, test events, operation of competitions and venues, gaming services, communications and engagement, sustainability and legacy, prevention and control of COVID-19.

BOCOG said the 12 competition venues have been completed and have successfully passed the International Federation (IF) on-site pre-homologation, and that the non-competition venues are under construction or renovation. The main media center was recently handed over to OBS, and the construction of related infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and weather infrastructure will be completed on schedule.

Test activities were held last snow season to review sites and facilities, operation and emergency response, with briefings held for comments and suggestions from international experts.

“Ten international test events and three weeks of training are scheduled from September to December. All elements of the games will be tested,” Zhang said, adding that by September, some 80 experts from the IFs and OBS will be coming in. China for the site-inspection of the sites.

BOCOG has released version 9.0 of the session competition calendar, completed version 6.0 of the Overlay Book for venues and is working on athlete qualification tracking.

Logistics teams for all sites are in place, covering accommodation, transport, food and beverage services and other aspects. The final version of the Beijing Customs and Transit Guide 2022 has been released.

Zhang told IOC Session attendees that BOCOG has had five new corporate sponsors since March, bringing the total number of marketing partners to 45, and more than 1.12 million people have applied to volunteer for Beijing 2022.

Zhang revealed that more than 300 public events have been held, involving 100 million people. No less than 15 million elementary school students across the country participated in the Beijing 2022 Mascot Story Writing Contest. Other events such as the one-year countdown, the celebration of the International Olympic Games Day and the Beijing 2022 live site helped create a good atmosphere for the Games.

As for other important activities, Zhang said the medal design has been finalized, the torch design has been released, while the IOC has approved the overall torch relay plan. The opening and closing ceremonies are planned creatively.

During Tokyo 2020, BOCOG will launch an event titled “Next Stop, Beijing!” so that the two Olympics are mutually reinforcing.

The carbon neutralization plan has been developed with 11 sites of the games, including those for speed skating and downhill skiing, which will be supplied with green electricity.

The Legacy plan has been fully implemented with eco-catering in the Yanqing and Zhangjiakou areas. A low carbon policy will be scrupulously followed throughout the preparation of the games.

“The health and safety of the lives of athletes and other participants is high on our agenda,” said Zhang.

BOCOG has established an international working group on the control of COVID-19 with the IOC and the World Health Organization (WHO) and has set up a special working group with the Chinese health authorities for the control of the epidemic for the Beijing Games.

“With our joint efforts and continued cooperation, we will provide the world with ‘simple, safe and beautiful’ Games,” said Zhang.

Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr., Chairman of the IOC Beijing 2022 IOC Coordination Commission for Beijing 2022, also provided an update on the venues, operations, legacy and sustainability of the Games.

“All the planning is good. All the planning is in pretty good shape, and everything is on schedule and under reasonable control, despite the very difficult COVID situation and the measures that need to be taken,” he commented.

Samaranch also expressed his best wishes for the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“We need a very successful Games in February next year in Beijing. We really need this success for the good of everyone, in order to keep this ray of hope really bright and open,” he said. -he declares.

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