Olympic Games: we did it! Australian city of Brisbane wins 2032 Games

People celebrate in Brisbane after the announcement by the International Olympic Committee that Brisbane has been chosen to host the 2032 Olympics.

People celebrate in Brisbane after the announcement by the International Olympic Committee that Brisbane has been chosen to host the 2032 Olympics.
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Brisbane hosted the 2032 Olympics on Wednesday, sparking wild celebrations and fireworks as it became the third Australian city to host the Summer Games after Melbourne and Sydney.

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, confirmed the widely expected result after delegates voted by 72 votes to five and three abstentions at the IOC session in Tokyo.

“The International Olympic Committee is honored to announce that the Games of the 35th Olympiad are being awarded in Brisbane, Australia,” said Bach.

The announcement was met with cheers from Australian delegates in Tokyo, while in Brisbane fireworks lit the skies and crowds that had gathered for the vote went wild.

Brisbane’s victory seemed a certainty after being unanimously proposed as the sole candidate for 2032 by the 15-member IOC Executive Board in June.

“I am so excited – I have so much pride in my state, in my people. Never in my life did I think this was going to happen,” said Queensland State Premier Anna Palaszczuk. “We” did it, Queensland! We did it, Brisbane! It’s fantastic, it’s amazing – tonight is your night, enjoy. “

Australia has hosted the Olympics twice before, in Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000, widely regarded as one of the most successful Games in recent history.

Hundreds of people gathered in Brisbane’s waterfront Southbank district for the announcement, watching the city’s final speech to the IOC on the big screen.

Rhys Cush, 24, one of the masked crowd, said he hopes to work at the 2032 Olympics and attend as a spectator as well.

“I am a very big fan. I even watched softball this morning, “he told AFP.” I’m super excited to have the Olympics here. “

Lauren Granger, 42, said she hopes the 2032 Olympics will recreate the buzz of the 2000 Sydney Games.

“We flew to Sydney and we were at the Olympics and it was a great experience for our family,” she said. “It was 20 years ago, we would like to be able to relive that in 2032 with our children.”

Home to around 2.3 million people and surrounded by sparkling coastal sands, Brisbane is considered more laid-back and less cosmopolitan than the sprawling cities of South Australia.

The venues will be spread across Brisbane and neighboring cities in the state of Queensland, including the Gold Coast which hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

It is hoped that the Olympics will boost Brisbane’s profile, making it more attractive to tourists who tend to use it as a jumping off point for attractions like the Great Barrier Reef.

An article in the Australian newspaper said the Games will cost A $ 5 billion, with the opening and closing ceremonies taking place at a redeveloped Gabba cricket ground.

“This is a historic day not only for Brisbane and Queensland, but for the whole country,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. “Only the cities of the world can secure the Olympic Games, so this is a fitting recognition for Brisbane’s position in our region and in the world.”

The move means the IOC has now secured hosts for the next three Summer Olympics, with Paris hosting the event in 2024 and Los Angeles hosting the 2028 Games.

The award of the 2032 Olympics was the first to take place with a new method of election adopted in June 2019 in an attempt to counter bidding fees and the lack of serious candidates.

For the 2024 Games, Bach complained that the process had “produced too many losers”, after Rome, Hamburg and Budapest all withdrew from the race.

Candidate cities have become increasingly difficult to find in recent years as costs skyrocket and the economic benefits of hosting the games remain unclear.

The vote took place two days before the Olympic unrest in Tokyo, which will begin behind closed doors on Friday after a year of delay due to the pandemic.

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