Florida State coaching legend Bobby Bowden is terminally ill

Bobby Bowden’s faith and spirit remain strong.

However, his weakened body fails him.

The legendary Florida state football coach – who turns 92 in November – his wife Ann and their family announced on Wednesday that Bowden had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

“I’ve always tried to serve God’s purpose for my life, on and off the pitch, and I’m prepared for what’s to come,” Bowden said in a shared statement with the Tallahassee Democrat. “My wife Ann and our family have been the greatest blessing in life.

“I am at peace.”

The Bowden family have also asked for privacy as Bowden looks after his health.

Bowden’s health deteriorated after testing positive for COVID-19 in October 2020.

Former Florida State Football Coach Bobby Bowden speaks before receiving the Governor of Florida's Governor of Freedom Medal.  Ron DeSantis on April 7, 2021.

Hospitalized at the end of June for five days, Bowden struggled to regain his strength. He has undergone supervised care and is resting comfortably in his home in Killearn Estates.

“I feel good but there is not much I can do,” Bowden told the Democrat on Monday, July 5.

Hired from West Virginia in 1976, Bowden posted a 316-97-4 record with two national titles (1993 and 1999) in 34 years at Florida State. He had a losing season – 5-6 in his freshman year at school – and was forced into retirement after going 7-6 in 2009.


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