Read the game with Miguel Delaney: The Independent’s football editor launches weekly newsletter

The world of football is moving fast. Maybe faster than ever. This was best illustrated with the story of the year, the spectacular rise and fall of the Super League. He threatened to be a game-changer, before everything changed in the space of two days.

One problem is that it can be difficult to keep track of everything, filtering out what’s really important to what makes the headlines. The cycle has never been so relentless. With that in mind, I’ll try to add a bit of a “break” to the piece, as Pep Guardiola might say.

I will be sending out a new weekly email every Friday at 12 noon titled “Reading the Game” which will seek to make sense of what is going on in football. It will offer an analysis of the biggest stories, behind-the-scenes details, as well as insights and trivia that will be exclusive to subscribers.

There will also be a little animation, to test your knowledge. Each week I will put together some puzzles to give you something to ponder on a Friday afternoon.

Over time, there will even be the possibility of winning prizes through this. We can promise you that after a while you certainly won’t want to miss them again.

If you already receive The Independent’s football newsletter, you don’t need to do anything, you will receive mine straight to your inbox. But if you are not already receiving the emails, to subscribe to my email, fill in your email in the box above or click here to subscribe to our range of newsletters. The email will then arrive in your inbox every Friday. Do you have a question? Contact me on Twitter.

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