Swimmers: Led by Emma Weber, Regis Jesuit is stocking up on NISCA All-America accolades

During her junior year at Regis Jesuit, Emma Weber recorded the country’s fastest 100-meter breaststroke and finished with four All-American awards individually and with National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association relays for the women’s swimming season. 2020-21. (Photo by Courtney Oakes / Sentinel Colorado)

DAWN | The fastest 100-meter breaststroke in the national preparation ranks in the 2020-21 women’s swimming season came from an Aurora program, as Jesuit junior Regis Emma Weber topped the list of the event in All-American lists released Friday by National Interschool Swimming Coaches. Association.

Not only did Weber’s time of 59.93 seconds on March 21 at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center earn him the State Class 5A Championship in the 100 breaststroke, it was also the only official time submitted to the NISCA who crossed the 1 minute mark in the event during a season affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Weber – a University of Virginia entry that went on to swim at the United States Olympic Trials in June – finished four times All-American for coach Nick Frasersmith’s Raiders, as she also won the honor individually in on 200 medley yards and with Regis Jesuit’s 200-yard medley and 200-yard freestyle relay teams. Her IM 5A State Championship winning time of 2: 01.08 placed her 24th nationally.

The Raiders’ other individual performances this season have come from Catherine Bradac senior and Grace Dale junior.

Bradac (a Boston College signatory) gave Regis Jesuit two All-American Brewers as her time of 1: 03.52 – which did not come to state competition, where she finished eighth – made her 84th in the National level. Dale (who verbally pledged to Tulane after the season) clocked the 23.48 second time that placed her fourth in the 50-yard free in state competition tied for 77th place on the NISCA roster All-American.

Juniors Allie Sanchez and Greta Leege and sophomore Rosie Jump contributed to the All-American performance of the 20th-ranked Regis Jesuit 200 medley relay team and Leege and Jump combined with Weber and Dale in the 200 freestyle relay the fastest in the country.

Grandview – who finished eighth in state competition – also joined the All-American mix.

Coach Karen Ammon’s Wolves also won two All-American honors, which came individually from senior Julia Matney, who was also part of the 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle relay teams that also won the honor.

Matney was sixth in the state 100-yard butterfly competition, but swam faster in a previous competition with a 55.20 that gave the Fresno state signing All-American status in as the country’s 75th fastest.

Matney teamed up with fellow senior Hailey Matthews and freshmen Amelia Brown and Keira Vail for a time of 3: 29.41 in the 400 freestyle relay that tied Grandview for 63rd nationally, while the state meets a time of 1: 36.91 set by Matney’s team, senior Jenna Moss, juniors Skylar Nollenberger and Brown placed 94th nationally in the 200 freestyle relay.

Boulder, Broomfield, Chatfield, Cherry Creek, Cheyenne Mountain, Fossil Ridge, Heritage, Legacy, Lewis-Palmer, Mullen, Niwot and Rampart were also represented.

Courtney Oakes is sports editor for Sentinel Colorado. Reach it at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


200-yard medley relay: 4. Fossil Ridge (Renee Gillilan, Mahal Erlandson, Rylee O’Neil, Lucy Bell), 1 minute 40.88 seconds; 5. Boulder (Jenna Reznicek, Julianne Jones, Edie Simicek, Morgan Lukinac), 1: 41.54; 15. Heritage (Anna Shaw, Aislyn Barnett, Inge Ehm, Amaia Sherman), 1: 42.86; T20. REGIS JESUIT (Allie Sanchez, Emma Weber, Greta Leege, Rosie Jump), 1: 43.12; 23. Cherry Creek (Charlotte Wilson, Teagan Steinmetz, Alexis Greenhawt, Avery Hall), 1: 43.26; 30. Broomfield (Abbie Kehmeier, Sabrina Rachjaibun, Sydney Bales, Indigo Armon), 1: 43.79; 40. Mullen (Charlotte Burnham, Claire Chahbandour, Lindsey Sowitch, Chase Davison), 1: 44.11; 70. Lewis-Palmer (Sydney McKenzie, Katelyn McClelland, Hannah Schoenauer, Abigail Nelson), 1: 45,53

200 meters freestyle: 7. Mary Codevilla (Niwot), 1 minute, 46.31 seconds; 17. Kathryn Shanley (Chatfield), 1:47.32; 24. Chase Davison (Mullen), 1:48.04; 32. Karolina Bank (Fairview), 1:48.58; 41. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 1: 49.06; 52. Elizabeth Brock (Cherry Creek), 1: 49,41

200 individual medley yards: 13. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 1 minute 59.39 seconds; 22. Mahala Erlandson (Fossil Ridge), 2: 01.01; 24.EMMA WEBER (REGIS JESUIT), 2: 01.08; 37. Charlotte Burnham (Mullen), 2:02.11; 48 Sabrina Rachjaibun (Legacy), 2: 02.64

50 meters freestyle: 3. Anna Shaw (Heritage), 22:22 seconds; T25. Lucy Bell (Fossil Ridge), 22.99; T60. Lawson Ficken (Cherry Creek), 23:32; T75. Morgan Lukinac (Fairview), 23:46; T77. GRACE DALE (REGIS JESUIT), 23.48; T80. Avery Turney (Chatfield) 23:50; T86. Lindsey Immel (Rempart), 23:52

100 meters butterfly: 4. Lucy Bell (Fossil Ridge), 52.38 seconds; 16. Eddie Simecek (Fairview), 53.75; T30. Alexis Greenhawt (Cherry Creek), 54.24; T37. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 54.39; T37. Jenna Reznicek (Fairview), 54.39; T57. Sydney Bales (Legacy), 54.88; 75. JULIA MATNEY (BIG VIEW), 55.20

100 meters freestyle: 3. Anna Shaw (Heritage), 48.13 seconds; 11. Lucy Bell (Fossil Ridge), 49.37

500 meters freestyle: 6. Kathryn Shanley (Chatfield), 4 minutes, 45.71 seconds; 11. Marie Codevilla (Niwot), 4:46.79; 25. Elizabeth Brock (Cherry Creek), 4: 50.48; 40. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 4: 53.67

200-yard freestyle relay: 8. Fairview (Samantha Mosier, Karolina Bank, Julia Urbanowski, Morgan Lukinac), 1 minute 33.80 seconds; 17. Cherry Creek (Lawson Ficken, Alexis Greenhawt, Avery Hall, Jenna Smith), 1: 34.45; 25. Mullen (Gabrielle Zinis, Claire Chahbandour, Lindsey Sowitch, Chase Davison), 1: 34.84; T33. Niwot (Jamieson Legh, Mia Prok, Emiley Yie, Mary Codevilla), 1: 35.05; 56. REGIS JESUIT (Greta Leege, Rosie Jump, Emma Weber, Grace Dale), 1: 35,74; 94. GRANDVIEW (Julia Matney, Jenna Moss, Skylar Nollenberger, Amelia Brown), 1: 36.91

100 meters back: 15. Sydney Bales (Legacy), 53.95 seconds; 20. Anna Shaw (Heritage), 54.27; T26. Jenna Reznicek (Fairview), 54.41; T32. Chase Davison (Mullen), 54.62; T43. Edie Simecek (Fairview), 55.03; 67. Abigail Storm (Chatfield), 55.58; 80. Claire Timson (Rempart), 55.79

100 meters breaststroke: 1.EMMA WEBER (REGIS JESUIT), 59.93 seconds; 36. Aislyn Bennett (Heritage), 1:02:30; 40. Mahala Erlandson (Fossil Ridge), 1: 02.43; 42. Claire Chahbandour (Mullen), 1: 02.50; T48. Sydney McKenzie (Lewis-Palmer), 1: 02.73; 51. Katelyn McClelland (Lewis-Palmer), 1: 02.74; 52. Charlotte Burnham (Mullen), 1: 02.77; 53. Karolina Bank (Fairview), 1: 02.84; T63. Teagan Steinmetz (Cherry Creek), 1: 03.14; 78. Julianne Jones (Boulder), 1: 03.37; 84. CATHERINE BRADAC (REGIS JÉSUIT), 1: 03.52

400 yard freestyle relay: 11. Fossil Ridge (Lucy Bell, Rylee O’Neil, Mahala Erlandson, Emily Rinker), 3 minutes 24.68 seconds; 15. Boulder (Samantha Mosier, Jenna Reznicek, Edie Simecek, Karolina Brink), 3: 25.33; 26. Cherry Creek (Lawson Ficken, Elizabeth Brock, Madison Saldanha, Jenna Smith), 3: 26.67; 27. Chatfield (Avery Turney, Abigail Storm, Meghan Mulvihill, Kathryn Shanley), 3: 26.74; 30. Legacy (Kenzie Myco, Carolina Dimig, Cora Buelow, Anna Shaw), 3: 27.03; T40. Niwot (Jamieson Legh, Mia Prok, Emiley Yie, Mary Codevilla), 3:28.15; 58. Legacy (Abigail Zadorozny, Sabrina Rachjaibun, Sydney Bales, Indigo Armon), 3: 29.07; T63. GRANDVIEW (Amelia Brown, Keira Vail, Julia Matney, Hailey Matthews), 3: 29.41

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