My staff should give confidence to the higher order: Deepak Chahar

Cricket - Deepak Chahar

Indian swing pitcher Deepak Chahar surprised everyone with a ripe undefeated 69 inning to take them across the line against Sri Lanka on Tuesday.
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Colombo: Indian pitcher Deepak Chahar, who scored an unbeaten 69 to help India win the second ODI over Sri Lanka on Tuesday, said on Thursday he was not too concerned about the all-rounder label or selection to the T20 World Cup squad, but remains focused on improving his stick and continuing the pursuits to the last.

“Whether people think of me as an all-rounder or not, it doesn’t matter. But the drummer playing in front of me, he should have the confidence that I can back him. If I beat again in a situation like this (in second ODI when India needed 83 with four wickets in hand) then that’s very important [for top-order batsmen] to know that this batsman can help me and win the game, ”Chahar told the media during a virtual interaction on the eve of the third ODI on Friday. The last match is now irrelevant as India has already completed the series.

“I work hard at batting. My dad is my trainer. Every time I talk to him, like I’m talking to him for 10 minutes, I talk to him for 6-7 minutes of typing, ”Chahar added.

The 28-year-old, who has represented India in five ODIs and 13 T20Is, said he likes to stick to the basics and play as straight as possible.

“I still believe the basics are the most important. If your basics are right then you will do well, ”said Chahar.

“For example, if you want to become a swing bowler, your stitching is the most important. If the ball does not fall on the seam, it cannot move. Same thing with the stick, you have to play straight. The wider the bat, the more chance you have of hitting the ball. These are fundamental things, ”he added.

Chahar, who plays under MS Dhoni for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League, called the former Indian captain a huge influence on him.

“He had a big impact not only in CSK. I’ve seen it since childhood and I’m learning to take matches up close. Every time I talk to him, he always tells us, that we have to take the game to the end …. We are there to entertain people. If the game gets into the last overs it gets exciting and people have fun, ”said the right-arm pitcher.

Chahar has also made it clear that he is not too focused on the selection for the T20 World Cup. “It’s (the T20 World Cup) very far. The selection is not in our hands. Only our performance is in our hands. I was lucky to have the chance to improve my stick. J ‘ve looked for opportunities to beat well. I haven’t had enough hitters in the past two years. Whenever I get the chance [in the last 2-3 years], I only faced one or two bullets. I had a great opportunity to improve at batting. I’m glad I was able to convert it [in the second ODI]. “

Chahar added that he had benefited a lot from Rahul Dravid, who is the coach of the limited overs team in Sri Lanka.

“Brilliant experience. Although this is the first Indian tour with Rahul [Dravid] sir, but I toured with India A under him. We have had such situations 3-4 times there in India A … you take advantage if the coach supports you because in the back of your mind you always know that you have some support. “

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