Basketball robot hits a three-point pointer at halftime of the Olympics

Pay attention to the NBA players, the robots are also coming for your job.

The French men’s Olympic basketball team beat the US team in Tokyo on Saturday night, but the real shock was the incredibly precise android ball deployed at halftime to showcase Japan’s robotic prowess.

The humanoid machine fired a free throw and a three-point shot before returning to the half court and landing a shot from there.

Impressive, yes, although pro gamers can find solace in the robot’s slow setup. It took about 10 seconds to line up its shot on the half court, and while its aim was extremely precise, the robot seemed to be quite icy in its general movement.

It appeared to be a CUE, a robot first created by Toyota in 2018. The third model, CUE3, set a Guinness World Record in 2019 for “most consecutive basketball free throws – ball by a humanoid robot (assisted) “. The robot made 2,020 free throws in six hours and 35 minutes – stopping at that number in a nod to the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

It is not clear whether the model presented on Saturday was the record-breaking CUE3, the fourth-generation CUE4, or an even more recent edition.

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