Royal Caribbean embarks on a test cruise from Port Canaveral

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla .– Royal Caribbean set sail for its first mock cruise to Port Canaveral on Tuesday, nearly a year and a half after the industry was shut down due to the pandemic.

The Allure of the Seas is embarking on a test trip to see if the company is ready to restart cruise operations.

Volunteer passengers are a mix of travel agents, members of the Royal Caribbean Crown and the Anchor Society, and cruise line workers, such as travel agent Lorie Emmons of Indiana, who sells packages from cruise.

“I can give them the best advice if I’ve been through it myself,” Emmons said. “We’re going to explore the ship, but I really want to bring this experience to the guests, so I can give it back to them.”

The two-night cruise sets sail for Coco Cay.

It’s all part of the CDC’s plan to revive cruising in the United States.

Test cruises are required for any vessel traveling in US waters carrying more than 250 people. The objective is to test health protocols on board to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. CDC officials will be on board as observers.

Royal Caribbean is moving forward with the test cruise following CDC guidelines, despite the state of Florida winning its lawsuit against the government to lift those guidelines.

The ship returns to port Thursday morning.

If the simulated cruise goes well, Allure of the Seas could be ready for its first trip scheduled for August 8.

Emmons said some cruisers may not yet be ready to resume their voyages.

“I think they just need to take it with what they think about it,” she said.

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