Registrations for swimming lessons are open

IRON MOUNTAIN, me. (WLUC) – At Iron Mountain’s Northern Lights YMCA, the pool is about to get a lot busier.

“Registrations are only opening right now. We have five week sessions that take the form of one lesson per week or two per week, ”said Tanner Walsh, aquatic director of the YMCA of Northern Lights.

The YMCA offers ten swim programs throughout the year. The courses are aimed at people of all ages.

“We accept children from six months to any age,” Walsh said. “We also include courses for adults. “

Five course stages are offered, the first being the most basic.

“Those first lessons, six months to three years, is more of an introduction, getting used to splashing water on your face, stuff like that,” Walsh said.

Especially in Upper Michigan, learning to swim provides useful skills.

“Float, in case they’re too tired, and just get more confident and learn these new skills, keep them safe in the water,” Walsh said. “We are in the Great Lakes State, we want to be safe on the waterfront.”

The YMCA pool is less than two years old. The 40-minute lessons offer parents flexibility in their schedule.

“You can either watch from the pool deck, or from our upstairs Skyloft, or you can take those 40 minutes, go shopping, come back and get your child, we’ll keep them safe,” Walsh said. .

Walsh says kids should start swimming as early as possible. Classes start September 7 and can be taken once or twice a week. If you are a YMCA member and want classes once a week for five weeks, the cost is $ 23. You can find more information on pricing and how to register on the Northern Lights YMCA website.

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