Baron Corbin says his WWE career is over

As bankruptcy looms, is Baron Corbin ready to step down?

Last night on WWE’s SummerSlam kickoff show, Big E defeated Baron Corbin and retrieved his Money in the Bank briefcase that Corbin stole from him at SmackDown a few weeks ago.

This series of events put Baron Corbin in the worst place imaginable, as he revealed after SummerSlam that he would file for bankruptcy on Monday.

Regarding his situation, Baron Corbin took to social media this afternoon to reveal that his WWE career is over and that he hates Logan Paul:

“My career is over and I have to declare bankruptcy… so @LoganPaul sucks and I hate him! #Worstdayofmylife,” Baron Corbin tweeted.

What’s next for Baron Corbin?

In fact, we all know Baron Corbin isn’t leaving WWE. This is part of a storyline that will eventually give birth to a new character called “Happy Corbin” for which WWE filed a trademark several weeks ago.

The WWE Universe speculated before SummerSlam that Baron Corbin would hit the jackpot in Las Vegas this weekend, which would be the turning point for his character. But it seems that is not the case.

Interestingly, Corbin files for bankruptcy on Monday instead of Friday since he is currently a member of the SmackDown roster. Still, he recently appeared on RAW due to the “Brand to Brand Invitational”, where he lost a game to Drew McIntyre.

Whatever next step for Baron Corbin is, you have to admit that he has shown a whole new side of himself in recent weeks on WWE TV and has shown the ability to be an entertaining character who, s ‘well run, could be a big babyface figure for the company in the future.

It remains to be seen if a baby face turn is in the plans for Corbin, only time will tell.

What do you think is the next step for Baron Corbin? Are we a few days away from the debut of the character of “Happy Corbin”? Let us know your thoughts by having your say in the comments section below.

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