First Royal Caribbean cruise ship begins test sailing from New Jersey

Oasis of the seas Departing New Jersey in September is perhaps one of the most anticipated cruise ship departures in recent months. Last week, the ship arrived in New Jersey as the first and largest Oasis-class cruise ship to ever arrive at its home port in New Jersey.

Although she arrived early in the morning, with many commuting or still in bed, Oasis of the seas could be seen in all its glory on Sunday evening as she departed on her first test cruise. In photos released by Royal Caribbean, the sprawling cruise ship can be seen passing the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline, giving a perspective on the immense size of the Oasis of the seas.

Test cruise and first real cruise from New Jersey

Oasis of the seas Depart from New Jersey, passing the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty on Sunday night. As seen in the photos, there is a perfect contrast between the dark sky and the illuminated ship, making it seem like she has always been in her place here.

Oasis of the Seas leaves and passes New York
Oasis of the Seas departs and passes New York (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

The Oasis test cruise is expected to last six days, during which it will sail south to A Perfect Day at CocoCay and back. The CDC will verify that the vessel complies with all protocols and procedures established by the agency during this period.

Test cruises have been set up for cruise passengers who wish to sail with vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers. Cruise lines who do not wish to sail with unvaccinated passengers must comply with at least 95% of vaccinated passengers on board.

Oasis of the Seas leaves and passes to New York
Oasis of the Seas departs and passes New York (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

However, starting in early September, Royal Caribbean will require all guests around the world to be fully vaccinated. This is due to a protocol implemented by the government of the Bahamas, which requires that all cruise ship passengers be fully immunized and affects most Royal Caribbean ships.

Once the test cruise is completed and the CDC awards the conditional navigation certificate, the Oasis of the Seas will go on its first actual cruise on September 5. Departing from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, the ship will be at sea for a day before calling at Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida.

Oasis of the Seas arrives and passes in New York
Oasis of the Seas arrives and passes New York (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

Oasis will stop over at Perfect Day at CocoCay and Nassau in the Bahamas within two days before returning to Cape Liberty. Starting in November, Oasis will move to Miami to begin cruising the Caribbean.

A long time to come

New Yorkers have been waiting a long time to finally have the Oasis of the Seas homeporting in their backyard. The ship had to start operations in New York in May 2020, but those cruises had been canceled due to the pandemic, pushing back the itinerary by nearly 18 months.

Even this week, the test cruise hit rough seas and was in danger of being postponed again; However, Tropical Storm Henri stayed quite far away and made landfall, ensuring that Oasis would not be affected at sea.

James van Fleet, Chief Meteorologist of Royal Caribbean International:

“We will NOT be sailing in rough seas. The storm will be on the shore and weaken, receding as we move forward and the coasts we will embrace in a southerly direction are seas of 1-3 meters (3 to 9 feet) which for class OA, are not agitated, nor even close. “

Oasis of the Seas is a sight to see. The first Oasis-class ship to be built, it rocked the foundations of world cruising when Royal Caribbean first revealed its plans for the ship as part of Project Genesis. The 226,838 gross tonnage vessel sailed for the first time on December 5, 2009.

Although she is already 12 years old, after a massive renovation in 2019, the 5,606 passengers on board enjoy practically the same facilities as her younger sister, the current record holder for the largest cruise ship in the world Symphony of the Seas, which set sail in mid-August.

So now is the time for those on the East Coast to start packing, less than two weeks before Oasis of the Seas, the first of the mega cruise ships leaving the Big Apple.

Oasis of the seas in New York

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