Swimming prohibited at Jones Beach and other state parks as Larry goes rough surfing

Choppy waves forced authorities to ban swimming at Jones Beach, Robert Moses and Hither Hills State Park.

“We have banned swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, New York State Park beaches, so Jones Beach, Robert Moses and Hither Hills and this may be in effect for days as we continue to see the effects of storm, ”said Chip Gorman, regional manager. Director of Long Island State Parks.

State park officials said there was already flooding on the beach due to high tide this morning that blanketed the entire waterfront with water. They say the flood problem is also on Ida.

“We expect the tides to worsen over the next two days, so we expect more flooding,” Gorman said.

State park officials said crews were working hard Wednesday at Jones Beach to protect the beach from flooding before Hurricane Larry.

Gorman says that although Larry is miles offshore, the beach is still suffering major effects. He says teams are propping up a wall of sand from East Bath House through Central Mall to West Bath House.

“For the last two storms, we built it, but those storms affected it, broke out at one point, so we’re building it to protect the infrastructure here as best we can,” Gorman said.

The sandbags that were installed to protect the buildings on Ida Beach will remain in place.

Gorman says lifeguard equipment has also been moved to higher ground.

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