Ramiz Raja talks about becoming PCB president

Lahore [Pakistan], Sept. 14 (ANI): After being elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja said on Tuesday he pledged to be open and transparent during his tenure.

“Everyone, thank you very much for your wishes. It means a lot. To keep the channels of communication open, I will be having a fan forum with Ramiz, a live QA session on RamizSpeaks every week. open and transparent during my tenure as president of PCB. So let’s go, “Raja tweeted.

Former Pakistani skipper and 1992 World Cup winner Ramiz Raja was unanimously and unopposed on Monday as the 36th president of the PCB for a three-year term.

Ramiz Raja was elected at a special meeting chaired by CPC Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Cheikh Azmat Saeed. Ramiz Raja, along with Asad Ali Khan, was appointed by PCB boss Prime Minister Imran Khan to the PCB Board of Governors on August 27 for a three-year term, where they joined Aasim Wajid Jawad, Alia Zafar, Arif Saeed, Javed Kurieshi (all independent members) and Wasim Khan (CEO of PCB).

“Thank you all for electing me as PCB President and look forward to working with you to ensure Pakistani cricket continues to thrive and grow stronger, both on and off the pitch,” said Ramiz. Raja in a statement from the PCB.

“One of my main goals will be to help bring the same culture, mindset, attitude and approach that once made Pakistan one of the nations of Pakistan into the Pakistani men’s cricket team. most feared cricket, ”he added.

He previously served the PCB as Managing Director from 2003-2004, represented Pakistan on the ICC Directors General Committee and currently serves on the MCC World Cricket Committee.

Ramiz Raja is just the fourth former Pakistani international cricketer to lead the PCB after Abdul Hafeez Kardar (1972-1977), Javed Burki (1994-1995) and Ijaz Butt (2008-2011). (ANI)

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