Jordan Riki and Tom Flegler involved in physical altercation

Rising Broncos stars Tom Flegler and Jordan Riki faced off in post-season celebrations that turned sour between the two young forwards.

Flegler, 22, and Riki 21, were partying last Wednesday night when a disagreement turned into a physical altercation.

The couple reconciled the next day and apologized to each other. They themselves reported the incident to the Broncos.

Flegler received a four-week suspension for a high shot in Brisbane’s Matchday 24 game against the Sharks.

Riki started the game and was one of the good news for the club in 2021 as they begin to rebuild under Kevin Walters.

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The Broncos sent a statement to the Wide World of Sports confirming the incident.

“We were out last Wednesday night and had a fight that got a little bad and Jordan ended up with a cut above his eye,” Flegler said in the statement.

“We went our separate ways that night and I called him the next day to sort it out. It was silly and I apologized. We agreed to keep our wrestling sessions in season from now on.”

“Tom contacted me the next day and we talked about what happened and we are absolutely lovely. I enjoyed him being up front and in touch and we are both now looking forward to a little break.” , added Riki.

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