Wayne Rooney says Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is “still fabulous at 40”

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United after spending nine years at Spanish club Real Madrid and then three years at Serie A club Juventus. Ronaldo first spent six years at United where he developed as a footballer to become one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. During his first stint at United he forged a close bond with England striker Wayne Rooney and the two were deadly together from the start, tearing apart defenses.

Rooney told The Sun Ronaldo is coming back to the Premier League and it will be difficult for him, but if anyone is up for the challenge it’s the Portuguese striker. He said that with Ronaldo’s sense of purpose and his highest level of fitness, he wouldn’t be surprised if Ronaldo ended up playing until he was 40.

Cristiano returns to the best league in the world, so he knows it will be a challenge. And, of course, coming back to Manchester United, he’ll want to prove himself at the club again, and he sets himself the highest standards. But if there is one player in the world who can take on this challenge, it is Cristiano.

Rooney then added that he believes he is a completely different player than when he last played in the Premier League. The last time he played here he was more of a runner, a great dribbler, and also had pace and power. But now he’s a goalscorer. He added that his game has adapted considerably. “Since then, and I’m not at all surprised that he’s still so strong at 36. His ability is obviously one thing, but he’s also taken care of himself enormously, you can see in what form he is. is, he’s still in great shape. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he played until 40, like Giggsy did, and still scores goals. “

Rooney and Ronaldo’s son to play Manchester United Academy together

Ronaldo and Rooney had a successful relationship at Manchester United during their time together. The two have played 206 times together in five years and won three Premier League titles and the Champions League, among other top honors. And according to a report by Mirror, Manchester United will soon see Cristiano Ronaldo Junior play alongside Kai Rooney in the Red Devils youth squad. Cristiano Ronaldo’s sensational return to Manchester United has been making headlines since his initial announcement on August 27. Now it looks like Ronaldo has decided to enroll his eldest son in the club that sowed the seeds for his rise to stardom.

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