The big monthly survey on yachting equipment

Knowing what gear will withstand the rigors of life aboard a cruising yacht is essential to making the right choices. Tell us about the kit you love, what you would leave on the ground and win amazing prizes

For a boat owner, walking around a piece of hardware is like being a child in a candy store; so many goodies to buy and everything looks amazing. From nifty gadgets to state-of-the-art navigation displays that can navigate your boat for you, it’s all so tempting!

The reality, however, is that budgets are tight and boats have the funny habit of eating up that budget for all the wrong reasons. Knowing what to buy, what is really useful or even essential, and what is good value for money and will stand the test of time can be a tricky business.

While we at Monthly Yachting doing our best to look at all the new equipment that is unveiled every year, even in our most thorough testing we can’t see how the products perform after five or 10 years of hard service on a cruising yacht. Things are soaked, bumped, crushed and trampled. This is the nature of cruising.

We therefore want to know from you, the Monthly Yachting community, what gear you use, and what works for you in the real world. We will share the results of this survey to give you the confidence you need to make informed purchasing decisions.

If you need some encouragement to complete the survey, which should take around 15 minutes, we’ve got great prices for you – see right. Anyone can participate, but your answer should relate to a boat you own or have an active role in management and navigation, and is limited to boats between 25 and 60 feet LOA.

All information will be completely anonymous and a winner will be drawn by computer.

To complete the Equipment Survey, click on the window below or click here.

What the gear survey covers

Boat Model, age, how long you’ve owned it and what you would change.

Sails and rigging Materials, cut and sail management systems.

Anchoring and mooring Anchors, chains, windlasses, mooring lines, shock absorbers and fenders.

Security Rafts, MOB recovery, life jackets.

Personal equipment Raincoats, deck shoes, rubber boots and gloves.

Navigation, instruments and autopilots How you stay the course.

Dinghies and outboards Old tenders and faithful speedboats, or the latest technology?

Motors, alternators and batteries How you keep your boat running and energized.

Wind and solar charging The technology you use to harness the power of nature.

vs.the comfort of nature Must-have luxury items.

Equipment survey prices

Take our Real World Gear Survey for a chance to win prizes worth £ 458 including …

Fusion RA60 Marine Stereo, valued at £ 219

Yachting Price Monthly Equipment Survey

Fusion Speakers SM-F65CB Shallow Mount 100W, valued at £ 89

Yachting Prices Monthly Equipment Survey

Shakespeare Galaxy INFL8-5 Emergency VHF Radio Antenna, worth £ 150

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