Mozambique measures team limits for women’s Afrobasket

Mozambique measures the limits of the team. For the women’s Afrobasket which opens in Cameroon on September 17 and which continues until the 26th, the Mozambicans want lucid and only aspire to take match after match.

A few days before the start of the women’s Afrobasket which will be held from September 17 to 26 in Cameroon, Mozambique wants to be ambitious but not euphoric. Moreover, the national coach Nazir Salé is optimistic his training course after his team was around 50 points per game. Even if his players have not experienced a high-quality preparation. “We are fortunate that a large number of players work in their clubs. This complements the work of the team,” said congratulations to the Mozambique coach in the local press.

“With the players we have, then we have a certain advantage. Because they have already worked with me, in clubs as in national teams, with the exception of Carla Pinto who comes from Polytechnic A and Sílvia Veloso who was with me for three years in Beira, before leaving for the States -United. This gives us an idea of ​​what the Mozambican selection will be in Afrobasket ”, pursuit of the latter.

“We will try to find the team’s automatism from an offensive and defensive point of view. While looking at the patterns and behavior of other players who will be our opponents ”, underlines the coach of Mozambique.

A package narrowly saved

The selection of Mozambique almost forfeited Afrobasket. A little less than four days ago, the Mozambican Basketball Federation announced the withdrawal of the Mozambicans for lack of money to pay the participation which amounts to 8,000 euros. But the State Sports Department did everything to save the day.

The captain of Mozambique, Odélia Mafanela, is aware of the difficulties and recognizes them. But she thinks the mind can fill this truncated preparation. “The group is motivated and united. The integration of our new players is good. It will add more value to the team. Even knowing that the training sessions could not be held on the scheduled dates. We were in contact and in preparation in our clubs. Now remains to fix the tactical aspects», She argues.

“We’re going to do our best. We will take match after match and try to counter our opponents. It is not our goal at the moment to attack the top places or to think about the possibility of being in the top six. We have a good championship, which means to thunder the team a certain balance ”, the Mozambique coach warns.

Mozambique shares its group with Nigeria and Angola.



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