The “Panthers” of Gabon want to settle their concerns before the CAN.

The national coach of the “Panthers” of Gabon quickly find solutions to certain projects that await him with the Africa Cup of Nations scheduled you January 9 to February 6, 2022, in Cameroon.

We are still four months away from the Africa Cup of Nations, but the national coach of the “Panthers” of Gabon is already meeting at work. Patrice Neveu wants to spare a mount for the whole backbone in the tournament. And for that, the French technician indeed knows what is lacking in his “Panthers” to make an honorable competition. “Our defense and the post of maize keeper are our biggest building blocks”, Loaded the French technician in L’Union of September 13.

And that’s not all. In order for him to get back to sleep, Neveu first wants to recover all his wounded. And to point out. “In a tournament like the Can, you need quality players and a depth of bench. We will integrate new players who have quality, including a promising central defender ”, pursuit of the technical boss of the “Panthers”.

The former coach of Guinea Conakry does not however close the door to local players. “The level has its truths and demands. We will be attentive to the production of our players (local) during club African cup matches (CAF) to get an idea. Because we have no right to make mistakes ”, concluded the coach of the “Panthers”.

Gabon is in a very tough group along with Ghana, Morocco and the Comoros.



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