Dota 2 News: TI10 Thunder Predator – will lightning strike twice?

Thunder Predator will all be gracing the TI scene for the first time in their lives, but they have already captured the hearts of many Dota 2 fans around the world.

Enter Thunder Predator, the one complete Peruvian Dota 2 roster that might surprise the most this fall in Bucharest, Romania. This year marks the 10th anniversary edition of Dota’s most important tournament, The International, but it will also be the first time that South America will be represented by three teams. This happened in large part due to the general increase in SA through 2020-2021 and the explosive growth of Thunder Predator in the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) and their fascinating performances at ONE Esports Singapore. Major.

They only finalized their roster in January of this year, about a month and a half before the start of the DPC, bringing together four players who have a fair share of experience playing together in some of the top SA teams over the years. last years. The training was completed with the addition of Captain Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela, who in 2019-2020 was able to improve his game under the guidance of Clinton “Fear” Loomis at J. Storm and Business Associates. They secured their place at TI10 without a coach by their side, but as the time approaches what will be the biggest competition they have seen so far, TP has also filled that place by signing Fear.

Thunder Predator


Alnso “Mnz” Lion Arango

Sifuent Leonardo “LeoStyle”

Frank “Frank” Arias

Joël “MoOz” Mori

Romel “Wu” Quinteros


clinton “Fear” loomis

With the exception of MoOz, who only played briefly alongside Mjz in 2018, the rest of the players have built a pretty strong bond with each other by playing through various iterations of the Infamous roster. So when they all came together under the TP banner, the chemistry was already there. This allowed them to make a splash in South Africa’s first seasonal league and, more importantly, deliver a runaway performance in their first LAN, the Singapore Major.

As beastcoast had to withdraw from said major, Thunder Predator was South America’s only rep in Singapore, but their run was so impressive that everyone wondered what the standings would have looked like if SA had had both capable teams. to compete.

TP took the spotlight in the group stage by finishing the first day of competition 4-0, securing clear wins over Alliance and Team Aster. Their overall score of 5-2 in the group playoffs put them at the top of the group and secured them a superior start in the playoffs, but it also forced their opponents to find a way to break their game plan. .

“We just want to be as aggressive as possible in order to make super aggressive calls. That’s how we like to play and that’s how we put pressure on enemy teams,” MoOz said during the Major. He also expressed his team’s desire to test. themselves against Team Secret to see where they really stand when faced with some of the best on the scene.

photo: Thunder Predator

Lesson learned

Their wish was granted and Team Secret was their first opponent in the playoffs, but while they didn’t change their overall strategy, Secret found the solution to their strong lane presence and sent them into the lane. lower edge.

“The relationship between their draft is very similar. So breaking the pattern is the best way to do it with this team and I think we’ve broken a lot of their stuff. It was very embarrassing for them to play the laning phase in this whole game., “Clement” Puppey “Ivanov said in the post-series interview.

During the group stage matches, TP was able to dominate all teams with constant early rotations led by MoOz on hyper aggressive heroes in position four such as Tusk and Earth Spirit. Their overall strategies were built around highly mobile and elusive heroes with enormous potential in skirmishes. MoOz ‘Tusk or ES paired with Void Spirit or Leostyle’s Puck with Frank’s Pangolier or Beastmaster got everyone in trouble in group play. Secret targeted these combos in the playoffs, preventing TP from having its recipe for success and knocking them down in the lower bracket.

TP recognized the draft lesson Puppey gave and adjusted their picks somewhat going forward, which saw them place in the top six before being knocked out by Invictus Gaming, who would go so far as to win the major title.

Despite the big race in Singapore, when the patch changed, Thunder Predator struggled to adapt and find the same success. They placed third in the league the following season, so they had to watch the AniMajor from home. In the months leading up to TI10, they only played two online tournaments and those didn’t go well either.

In mid-June, they welcomed Fear on board to help them break through the meta and began the intense training period for The International 10.

Claiming Thunder Predator to the Aegis

While they impressed SG Major a lot, Thunder Predator’s weaknesses were revealed when they had to play against players like Team Secret or Invictus Gaming. They also struggled to reinvent themselves when the patch changed and the heroes who brought them success got nerfed. Nevertheless, with the fear of joining them more than three months before TI10, they should have plenty of time to resolve some of these issues.

They made the trip to Bucharest, Romania, where TI will be held next October, about a month before the event, which will give them time to acclimatize to another continent, but also give them the chance to practice with all TI10 competitors who are already in Europe.

If they manage during that month of bootcamping to find the combos and strategies that match their aggressive stance, or if they manage to reinvent themselves and take a completely different approach, Thunder Predator has a good chance of doing so. serious damage in main event TI10. How far they can go, however, is entirely up to them and their ability to stay focused and keep their cool under control when it matters most.

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