Five Scottish Premiership clubs order independent review to boost league revenue | Football news

Five Scottish Premiership clubs have appointed independent advisers to conduct a review of the FBCL.

Aberdeen, Dundee, Dundee United, Hearts and Hibernian say the main objective is to identify “ways to unlock significant additional income for the benefit of all”.

The five teams encouraged other member clubs to engage in the process and announced that they would publish key findings and recommendations once the process is complete in about six months.

It was also made clear that the review was not a measure to help the “bigger clubs”, with a statement from the five clubs adding that “a rising tide lifts all ships”.

The strategic review will cover four areas: business growth; the SPFL brand; Structure, governance, organization, resources, competition and strategic projects of the SPFL.

The league’s governing body approved the move.

Responding to this afternoon’s post, SPFL General Manager Neil Doncaster said: “The SPFL Board of Directors has already been in discussion with a number of clubs involved regarding this strategic review. We welcome and wholeheartedly support any initiative that has the good of the game at its heart.

“We know Deloitte well and the FBCL will play a full, active and positive role in the process and we are eager to see what proposals and innovations emerge. “

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