Emma Raducanu ‘extremely grateful’ to Marcus Rashford after leaving Wimbledon

“I felt like I was letting people down, as he reassured me like that – I was extremely grateful”

Emma Raducanu praised England footballer Marcus Rashford for his support following his exit from Wimbledon.

Making her debut in British Vogue, the British Chinese-Romanian tennis star has spoken of her dramatic end at Wimbledon this year.

At the time, Raducanu described leaving Wimbledon as “the hardest thing in the world” after being the only Briton left in the tournament.

Speaking to Vogue, Raducanu said she felt a lot of people depressed but found solace in Rashford, who messaged her on Twitter.

“It happened to me playing for the U16 national team against Wales,” Rashord tweeted at the time. “I still remember it today. No explanation and it never happened again. You should be very proud of yourself. The country is proud of you. Glad to read that you feel better. Forward and up. “

Raducanu described his post as “very heartwarming at the time. I felt like letting people down, as he reassures me like that, I was extremely grateful.”

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