Trent Cotchin quits Richmond captain after club record

Richmond is set to have a new captain next season after three-time premier captain Trent Cotchin announced plans to step down in 2022.

Cotchin is Richmond’s longest-serving captain, having held the position since the 2013 season, and has played in 188 of his 268 career games as captain.

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The club enjoyed enormous success under the starring midfielder, breaking a 12-year drought in the final in his first season as skipper, before ending a painful 37-year drought as prime minister in 2017, the first of his three flags as captain.

Now 31, Cotchin believes “now is the right time to step down” and will continue to play a key role on the pitch next season.

“The club has built a very strong leadership culture over the past five years and we have great leaders in Richmond who will thrive in the role of captain,” Cotchin said in a statement from Richmond.

“It’s a great opportunity to continue our philosophy of pushing leadership deep into the organization, and for me to continue to play a role both on and off the pitch.”

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Damien Hardwick, a three-time Richmond Premier League coach, said Cotchin “will remain an incredibly important leader” for the Tigers next season.

“He is proud of the development of our emerging leaders and will undoubtedly remain committed to that and push us up through the ranks next season,” said Hardwick.

Cotchin’s longtime teammate Jack Riewoldt said his tenure as leader can be “credited with the change of the whole club”.

“Arguably perhaps Richmond’s greatest captain of all time, probably right behind ‘Captain Blood’ Jack Dyer,” he told Fox Footy’s. AFL360.

“The door opens for someone else to come in and fill some really big shoes. Now is a good time because some of the older crew are going to be there for one, two, three years. moreover, which can help the next person to cross, so he will not be thrown to the wolves.

“We have a litany of guys who could come in and play this role and I’m just excited to see who the boys think the next captain should be.

“It’s a sad moment but also a great moment in terms of the next step for our club.

“Although he will lose the captain’s logo next to his name, he will still lead forward and that could free him to become a slightly different leader in different areas of club football, which we are excited about.”

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