Melbourne players forced into a “curfew” before the grand final, Ross Lyon criticizes the “extreme” conditions

Ross Lyon has raised questions about the “curfew” reported to Melbourne players ahead of the AFL grand final, calling it “extreme”.

Melbourne is heading for its first grand final in 21 years as a favorite against the Western Bulldogs as they hope to end a 57-year drought as premier.

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According to Caroline Wilson of The Age, the club are sparing no effort in their professional preparation for the decision maker, with a 9pm “curfew” imposed on players to return to the Joondalup Resort where the team currently resides.

“They don’t call it a curfew, but the players call it a curfew,” Wilson said on Nine’s Footy Ranked.

“Alan Richardson, the football manager, basically said we want you all to come back to the Joondalup complex every evening before 9pm and we would prefer you all to have dinner together at the complex.

“Those of you who are originally from Perth and have families here, if you want to go out for dinner with family or friends, we want you to come back here and to your own bed at nine o’clock.”

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The reported “curfew” did not sit well at Lyon, which led teams to the big finals in 2009, 2010 and 2013.

“It’s really surprising,” he said. Footy Ranked.

“I don’t think you need rules for grown men who have a prime ministerial opportunity in two weeks.

“All I know is you’re making a rod for your back. What happens if someone drives at 10 p.m.? What is the penalty?

“It’s half an hour from CBD, Joondalup, so they’re really saying you have to be out of CBD, Fremantle, Cottesloe by 8:30 pm. I think that’s a little extreme.”

Wilson also revealed that the Demons Camp caused frustration among the traveling media for being less willing to respond to interview requests.

“It was frustrating for the media and it went as far as the AFL that Melbourne hasn’t been as open as the Western Bulldogs,” she said.

“It’s just an interesting way of handling it. I know the AFL is frustrated because Melbourne are a team trying to become one of the powers.”

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