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Mitch Moses and a hint of controversy helped Parramatta avoid yet another NRL final nightmare, ending Newcastle’s season with a 28-20 victory at Rockhampton. In a dramatic end to the second playoff final, Newcastle fought back from a 22-10 deficit to almost two points with 20 minutes left. But all hope of a comeback was lost when the bunker gave Eels Will Penisini’s center a late-game penalty try after being disallowed for the first time. The bunker decided that Penisini would have gotten a grubberkick from Clint Gutherson first and scored if he hadn’t been taken by Enari Tuala. New controversy erupted over whether Gutherson kicked the ball before it hit the ground, with replays inconclusive. Gutherson joked after the match that it was “a well-placed drop kick.” The NRL has confirmed that a player does not need to attempt a basket to drop the soccer ball. Regardless, Knights coach Adam O’Brien clearly objected to the penalty shot, saying it would “save money” rather than comment. The result set up a grudge match for the Eels against Penrith on Saturday, marking the first final meeting between the big rivals since 2000. Parramatta could do without Junior Paulo, Marata Niukore and Waqa Blake, all three flagged for dangerous tackles. . But despite the tragedy, they will leave anyway relieved thanks to Moses. Often criticized for his poor streak of big game results, half produced when it mattered most. Led 10-6 after giving the full opening kick-off and Newcastle scored two of the game’s first three tries, Parramatta and Moses stood up. Josh King’s concussion halted all momentum. From the next set, he got some fastball play after dodging his attackers, allowing Penisini to pass and pass for Blake Ferguson to score. Moses made his mark again after the break, putting in a cut-out ball for Ferguson to get his second try. “He was good, he ran soccer,” coach Brad Arthur said. “He was really focusing on defense and kicking. His kicks weren’t good at the start of the play. In that breeze, it was really strong.” But he quickly corrected that and gave us some big goal kicks that helped us. “That should have been enough for Parramatta to conclude, but in the final it’s never easy for the Eels. Their 12-point lead was halved after a failed charge from Will Smith which gave Newcastle more ball and Tuala a second try.A high shot from Paulo put the Knights in position for Ponga to send Tuala for a hat trick with his second chopped off, he was down to two points. With a 1-5 record in the final since 2017 and a season-ending fading into 2021, Parramatta looked shaky. But this time they held on, as Mitchell Pearce’s failure to force the points contrasted with Moses’ clever kicks before the late penalty test sealed it. “I’m really disappointed,” said O’Brien. “I have a broken box. They fought so hard, I’m really proud of them. “We would like to get back to the five minutes before half-time. We just mentally died out.” Associated Australian Press


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