Man Utd suffer double wounds as defensive pair limp against Aston Villa

Manchester United suffered a double injury as they collapsed in a poor 1-0 loss to Aston Villa which sees pressure build up on boss Solskjaer

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In pictures: Man Utd v Aston Villa

Manchester United have collapsed in an unimpressive 1-0 loss to Aston Villa, closing a series of mediocre games in recent weeks.

United look uninspired and unimaginative throughout the game, which ended in spectacular fashion with an 88th-minute Aston Villa goal and a rare penalty missed by Bruno Fernandes.

To top off a bad day for the Red Devils, defensive duo Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw suffered a limp injury during the game.

The English have impressed this summer at Euro and have continued their fine form in the league, becoming staples of United’s starting XI.

However, Shaw watched out of rhythm during the early stages of the game.

Luke Shaw looked out of beat before being substituted with an injury midway through the first half

He received a reservation early on and battled Villa’s Matty Cash before the England winger suffered an injury.

Shaw had already fallen in the 26th minute before continuing to play, but was then replaced by Diogo Dalot six minutes later.

Maguire has formed an impressive partnership with Raphael Varane so far this season, but the United captain left the field in the 66th minute.

Maguire had received treatment in the 54th minute and after failing to cope, Lindelof entered in his place.

This means United have lost two of their top four picks and while it’s still not clear how long they’ll be out, it can only bode well for the Red Devils who have conceded all but one of their last 16. matches.

The injuries were compounded by another poor performance from a United side brimming with star quality.

Bruno Fernandes was shocked by a last minute penalty which seemed to sum up a United performance.

The team lacked sharpness and creativity to move forward, having taken 55 shots in their last two games, nearly half of them were off target, 21 were blocked and only ten were been framed.

Pressure is mounting on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to find a solution as he appears to be taking one step forward and two back as United manager.

Harry Maguire leaves the pitch in Manchester United’s 1-0 loss to Aston Villa

Harry Maguire was one of two blows to United

Despite bringing in a plethora of offensive talent, he seems unable to create a system for him to thrive, relying instead on moments of individual genius.

Likewise, United often look exposed in the middle of the park, lacking a midfielder good enough to tie the game, pass and protect United’s four full-backs.

In their last eight games against Leeds, Southampton, Wolves, Newcastle, Aston Villa, West Ham twice and Young Boys United have only won four.

On the other hand, Villa looked good again, proving after their admirable loss to Chelsea in the League Cup that they can come to the giants and take points from them too.

Kortney HOME’s 88th-minute header sealed the victory, but HOME had almost become a hero-turned-villain after Edison Cavani’s header hit his arm to give the penalty kick.

Villa created the best chances and for the first time since his dramatic return to United, Cristiano Ronaldo started and failed to score.

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