Chinese sports industry shows promise, Italian expert says

BEIJING, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) – Su Bingtian, Asia record holder in the men’s 100m, sprinted to the finish line of the Xi’an Olympic Center stadium on Sept. 21 during the 14th China National Games .

Representing Guangdong, Su clinched her first-ever National Games title in 9.95 seconds.

Behind Su’s dream come true is the improvement of Chinese sports strength and the focus of the construction of sports venues and facilities.

By persisting in its openness, China has introduced advanced technologies and talents from all over the world, injecting vigorous impetus into building sports power. China has also paid more and more attention to universal sport and fitness initiatives. An Italian technical expert is a witness.

Claudio Raimondo is the General Manager of Mondo Floorings (China) Co., Ltd, also a technical expert who sent Mondo China technical team to provide flooring and technical service to the Xi’an Olympic Center Stadium .

Raimondo is very proud that Mondo has been the track, technical and installation service provider for the main stadium and the warm-up area of ​​the Xi’an Olympic Center. “The main stadium has achieved the highest certification by World Athletics Class 1 installation certificates and also by the China Athletics Association, reaching the same level as the Beijing Olympics and the World Championships. “

However, the installation of the track was not so easy. “We had some challenges regarding the installation of the Xi’an Olympic Center stadium track. The main challenge has been to provide our high level service and products during such a complicated time due to the pandemic (we let’s talk about the period from March to June 2020, during this period we had the production in Italy and the installation in China), “said Raimondo.

At this time, the new constraints are numerous: the rules evolving rapidly, there needs to be flexibility and availability in the organization by production site in Italy, by the technical team in China and by all the Chinese partners for the production. track construction.

“But we did it! We have shown that we can deliver the highest level under very special conditions,” said Raimondo.

The 44-year-old Italian joined Mondo Group in 2005 and moved to Beijing in 2006 for the start-up of the new Mondo factory in China. “For 15 years, I have participated in the surface construction projects of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the IAAF World Championships in Beijing 2015, the Nanjing WA 2023 World Indoor Championships, etc. And since 2019, I have been leading Mondo China technical team to provide rubber flooring and technical service to ice rinks, such as the National Speed ​​Skating Oval, the national training and research base for the sports of ice and snow and the Shougang Winter Training Center. “

Raimondo announced that over the past 15 years, Mondo sports flooring has been fully installed for more than 80 stadiums and arenas, all of which have reached the level of international competition. And you will also find Mondo in many schools, hospitals, airports, stations, subways and high speed trains, such as Renmin University, Beijing Daxing Airport, CCTV building or Beijing metro lines.

“Our best advantage comes from the fact that we have always focused our research on those who use our materials, whether they are children, adolescents, young athletes and professional athletes. This has led us to development. continuous product and service that seek to improve and improve the performance of athletes and at the same time ensure their safety, “said Raimondo,” I believe that is the reason why Mondo has been selected as supplier for the consecutive Olympics , from Montreal 1976 to Tokyo 2020 and numerous world championships.

At the Xi’an Olympic Center stadium, the chief installer was Luigi Ferella, a very experienced Italian installer, who led the track installations of the main track of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, IAAF World Championships in Beijing 2015, the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022 and the Nanjing WA 2023 Indoor Championships.

“In all these years, from what I can see, the main change in China is the investment and creation of high quality sports facilities from primary schools, this, I believe, coupled with an improvement of the sports culture education system from children, can enable China will continue to develop more and more high-level athletes, and perhaps even more important to continue to improve the general health of the people ”Said Raimondo.

“During these years, as China pays more and more attention to the development of civilian sport and national fitness programs, we are developing better and better in China. I think Mondo will have a very good future. in China, and we are ready to support the infrastructure of sports facilities with our experience, ”said Raimondo.

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