Gotytom Gebreslase triumphs for his marathon debut

For a first attempt, Gotytom Gebreslase pulled off a master stroke. The Ethiopian won the Berlin Marathon, of which it was the 47th editing. Gebreslase completed the course in 2h 20:09. A hell of a performance for the 26-year-old runner.

Gotytom Gebreslase beat his compatriots Hiwot Gebrekidan (2h 21:23) and Helen Tola (2h 23:05). “Although this is my first marathon, I was running to win”, proclaims the winner after his triumph. Before adding: “The course in Berlin was very enjoyable and I want to come back to run again.“Appointment is therefore price for Gebreslase.

The Berlin Marathon, part of the World Athletics Platinum label road races, is an annual marathon that takes place through the streets of Berlin, Germany on the last weekend of September. Gebreslase thus a whole year to prepare.

Specialist you 3000 and you 5000m

Gotytom Gebreslase is talking about her thanks to her feat in Berlin. But the 25-year-old has another favorite distance. It’s about you at 3000 meters. It was in this distance that she won the gold medal at the World Junior Athletics Championships. It was in 2011 in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France.

The Ethiopian also stands out at 5,000 meters. In this distance, all 3 rendezvousth at the African Athletics Championships in 2012, in Porto Novo (Benin).

Gebreslase will however have to assume this new status of “winner”. It will indeed be expected to confirm. The courts will tell us if its performance was the one night race or the start of its hegemony in the distance.



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