Rugby Union World Cup could hurt the league’s expanding franchise

“This is where a guy like Wayne Bennett becomes even more valuable. Culture will be so important, and what Wayne does really well is invest in the person and performance on the pitch is second. He has proven he can do it in the past [with limited time].

“If you sign a certain number of players to the Cup, it can help increase the roster and morale of the team knowing that you have players of that caliber and level of experience on your team.”

Livermore said it was impossible to ignore reports that Redcliffe was a done deal, even though the Jets are serving the giant growth area west of Brisbane.

“We’re not giving up hope, by all reports News Limited has put in the money, and what News wants they often get,” said Livermore.

“We understand that gambling needs money, there is pay TV and the people who invest in gambling want to know who the next franchise will be.


“But how all of this impacts whether boys and girls get involved in sport depends on the ARL Commission.”

When the Cup was postponed earlier this year due to uncertainty over COVID, it emerged that all teams – not just the one-tier nations Australia, New Zealand and England – would include up to 70% of the players. and personnel provided by the NRL.

Bennett told News Corp over the weekend that the challenge for the new franchise is to bring together players from other clubs, unlike the Broncos who had a ready-made squad of Brisbane-based stars.

“But the beauty of it all is you have a blank sheet of paper; you can build your own culture and create your own culture, ”said the supercoach The Courier Courier.

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