Japan beat Australia 2-1 in World Cup qualifier

Saudi Cricket Federation names 14-man squad for 2021 ICC T20 Men’s World Cup qualifiers in Qatar

RIYAD: The Saudi Cricket Federation announced on Tuesday the team that will represent the nation in qualifying for the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup Asia in Qatar later this month.

The winner of Group A – one of two sub-regional sections and originally scheduled to be played in Kuwait but later moved to Qatar – will advance to the World Qualifiers with a place in the 2022 ICC T20 Men’s World Cup in Australia on the line. .

“The Saudi Arabian team began training in Riyadh at the ZAS Academy before making the preliminary Asian qualifiers in Qatar for the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup final,” the federation said in a statement.

The Saudi national cricket team is supervised by Pakistani coach Muhammad Kabir Khan, with physical training followed before the matches against the Maldives (October 23), Kuwait (October 25), Qatar (October 27 and Bahrain (28 October))).

SACF President Prince Saud bin Mishal praised the efforts of players, coaches and technical staff during the preparation period, and said he was confident the team would achieve positive results.

“All the players were carefully assessed for fitness, bowling, stick and pitch, and from there a comprehensive program was formulated to train them,” said Kabir Khan. “We are creating a new team and one of my goals is for the players to develop a bond with each other, because cricket is about teamwork. Our plan is to play quality cricket in Qatar. “

SACF Khabir Khan was chosen to lead the team by SACF because of his rich experience accumulated over a 15-year coaching career. He previously played a pivotal role in leading the Afghan national team to their highest international ranking.

Commenting on the tour, Captain Abdul Waheed Abdul Ghaffar said: “Cricket is a sport in which teamwork plays an important role and it is our priority. Training sessions including field exercises, workouts and fitness regimes are underway to make us mentally and physically fit to play competitive cricket, ”he said.

“As a skipper I am absolutely delighted to lead my team to the ICC T20 Asia World Cup qualifiers,” he said. “It is a huge responsibility to take on and I will do my best to achieve positive results.”

The 14 players chosen for the Saudi Arabian squad are: Abdul Ghaffar (captain), Imran Arif (vice-captain), Zeeshan Sarfaraz Butt (wicket keeper), Faisal Khan, Ahmed Abdul Waheed Baladarf, Imran Yousuf, Amir Shahzad , Muhammad Nadeem, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Zain ul Abdin, Abdul Wahid, Basit Ali, Mohammad Hisham Shaikh and Sajid Imran Cheema.

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