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Leeds Rhinos fan launches fundraiser for Steve Ward

A Leeds Rhinos fan has started a fundraiser to help pay for the treatment of former captain Stevie Ward who was forced to retire at 27 and can only walk 20 minutes a day.

Leeds boy Stevie shocked the sport when he announced his retirement in January this year after two concussions the year before that left him with “more than 11 months of severe symptoms”.

The 6-foot-1 athlete now suffers from daily migraines, head pressure, sensitivity to light and noise and can only walk 20 minutes a day.

Almost a year after his retirement, Stevie is in treatment with a private vestibular rehabilitation therapist (VRT) and is making “good progress”.

VRT is a specialized form of therapy intended to relieve problems caused by vestibular disorders such as dizziness, lightheadedness, imbalance, and falls.

But sadly he said the treatment was ‘expensive and unsustainable’ and was seeking a transfer to the NHS.

Super fan Kay Berry said she saw the post on Instagram and felt she was “not doing well” and decided to do her part to help the legend of the blue and the ‘amber.

Responding to the waves of support, Stevie said he was “a bit at a loss for words” and thanked the rugby league fans who came together to help him.

In an Instagram story, he said: “A little lost for words. A lovely lady saw that I had to transfer my care to the NHS and wanted to help me so that I could continue with my current vestibular physiotherapy. ”

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