Andy Delort explains how to install it during Nice.

Andy Delort explains how to install it during Nice. With Christophe Galtier, he has the opportunity to work with a high level coach who can allow him to progress. Better, the 30-year-old striker confides that he no longer thinks only of scoring but he is playing much more collective now.

Andy Delort has already forgotten his pass at arms with Algeria’s national coach Djamel Belmadi. Delort wants him to devote himself to his new club. Mark the spirits and conquer the hearts of supporters of Eaglets. He is already the author of two goals and an assist with his new shirt.

“Try to make the best choice (club) every time, and it’s good or bad. It’s complicated because it will always be commented on, but we have to make choices in a career ”, entrusts the player in the team. “I’m frank and sometimes, it could have shocked people that I can say that I like another club, like Lens, because it stinks of football. AC Ajaccio is close to my heart because I lived a human adventure, the trainer Olivier Pantaloni helped me enormously. And I will always be attached to Montpellier, I will never forget the extraordinary moments ”, continues Delort.

In Nice, Delort is counting on the affection of coach Christophe Galtier to express the full measure of his talent. “Galtier brings the culture of winning to the team but also to the whole club, the whole city, which is what is extraordinary about him. We are talking about the number 1 in France, through the charisma it exudes, the results. Lille is in trouble, he arrives and becomes champion. It teaches players a lot. I’ve been here for just over a month and I’ve already attracted a lot. I wanted to take a step forward and here, there is everything to aim for more skin “, adds the 30-year-old striker.

I like to go to charcoal ”

His statements border on arrogance, but Andy Delort is a player who takes responsibility. In and out of the field. “It’s my nature”, slice the latter. “I’m a locker room guy. I have a little experience, I know how to adapt, and my game brings more confidence. Guys see that I am not cheating ”, continues Delort, who now thinks of playing it collectively rather than just thinking of his “Mouth”.

“Before, I liked to make the face when I had not scored, today not. The passes are more valued now. But the thirty seconds after a but marked is a crazy thing. There is everything that goes up, whether it is a beautiful but or a disgusting but ”, reveals the former Montpellier scorer. “I like going for coal, defending, with this state of mind that boosts the team members”, Delort conclusion.


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