I’ll be the boss with a cane – Claudio Ranieri won’t quit until he’s 80

New Watford boss Claudio Ranieri says he wants to continue leading until he turns 80.

The Italian turns 70 next week and is gearing up for a fourth Premier League stint when his Vicarage Road reign begins against Liverpool on Saturday.

If it’s longevity he’s craving, he probably picked the wrong club as Watford’s way of working has resulted in Xisco Munoz becoming the seventh sacked manager in five years.

Still, he has no plans to end his career even if things don’t work out at Watford.

When asked why he wasn’t enjoying the last years of his life by relaxing, he replied: “Because I’m very boring if I don’t stay in football. I love football, I love life, so why not?

“Seventy or eighty maybe, why not?” England’s oldest manager, maybe with a cane. But the brain is important, and the brain is very young.

“I put all my energy, all my mind into my job, and I’m so happy. The president knows me very, very well. “

20 years ago, Ranieri was given the nickname “Tinkerman” for his constant change in his squad and tactics at Chelsea.

The Italian can laugh about it now and insists he was the standard bearer of the current generation of managers.

Claudio Ranieri was known as “Tinkerman” during his time at Chelsea (Phil Noble / PA)

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“A long time ago a lot of other people told me I was a ‘Tinkerman’ because I changed the team, the system so many times,” he said.

“After 20 years, many managers are“ handymen ”. Yeah, amazing. I created the flag. I have the flag and they’re all behind. “

Ranieri was last in the Premier League in 2019 when brought in to try to save Fulham, but his most memorable achievement was winning the title with Leicester in 2016.

Keeping the Hornets in place would be a much simpler task and Ranieri says he no longer thinks about what he accomplished at King Power Stadium.

“I want to be safe, and if I want to be safe, it’s not a fairy tale in Watford,” he said. “For us, it’s very, very important, the president has an idea to improve everything every year.

“I hope I’ll be here every year he wants to improve.

Claudio Ranieri led Leicester to a barely believable Premier League title in 2016 (Nick Potts / PA)

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“The day after our title victory was a thing of the past for me. I have forgotten everything. I always look forward to it. What’s going on tomorrow, what’s going on Saturday. That’s it for me, important. “

Since Ranieri last worked in this country, Newcastle have become the richest club in the Premier League following their takeover last week.

Ranieri knows exactly what it’s like to be in situ at a club when they are picked up.

” I have been fired. That’s what’s happening right away, ”he said.

“I came second behind the undefeated arsenal. I arrived in the semi-finals of the Champions League, and I was sacked. That’s life. Now you tell me Watford has changed a lot. it’s incredible. “

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