Australian Rugby League wants to capitalize on US sports betting


he National Rugby League, the premier rugby league club competition in Australia and New Zealand, is considering a plan to capitalize on the growing market for legalized sports gambling in the United States..

Australian Rugby League Commission Director Gary Weiss has been tasked with developing betting products for the US market in order to encourage foreign bettors to bet on the NRL, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

As domestic sports betting has become an increasingly lucrative source of income for the game, especially during the lockdown period, the NRL now believes there is potential in the U.S. market.

The Commission will likely consult with Melbourne Storm chairman and co-owner Matt Tripp, former boss of Sportsbet and founder of BetEasy, who says there is potential to target the US market..

“Certainly, if they manage things well, they could access a very large and growing market that would allow them to generate additional income to bet they weren’t expecting to get at that time two or three years ago ”, Tripp said to the source of information previously cited.

Experts predict that the expanded legalization of betting in the United States could lead to a more than 50% increase in betting income over the next five years. Sports betting is now online and legal in 28 states, plus DC

“Since everyone sees the United States as a gold rush, there is certainly an opportunity for the NRL to leverage its assets, package them and distribute them to US betting operators, ”added Tripp.. “There will definitely be a game out there to exploit that. I just hope they perform it well, because it’s in the best interests of the game. ”

Australian Rugby League Commission Chairman Peter V’landys agrees there is potential in the US betting market as a real opportunity for the rugby league.

“I brought this up when I first became president, that we were going to look at the US sports market,” he said according to The Sydney Morning Herald. “We can see tremendous potential in it.” He further said the league is determined to enter the market and that there are “various ways of doing it.”

V’landys updated the 16 clubs in the plan to tap the U.S. sports market in a conference call with their presidents and CEOs earlier this month.

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