What’s in a name like dolphins?

The NRL has grown and the dolphins are arriving.

That’s right, the Redcliffe – no, sorry, not Redcliffe. Brisbane Dolphins – wait, Brisbane not. Okay, the Moreton Bay dolphins. In fact, no, it is none of those. A tour name then: Moreton Bay-Sunshine Coast Dolphins?

Still wrong. It is simply “the dolphins”.

I don’t know why I expected something different from the NRL. It’s the league that tries to be everything for everyone and often ends up doing nothing for anyone. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the bid looks excellent – the club have money, assets, and grassroots ties and are committed to helping create lanes for the game, which any league fan will do. rugby team should wait for the expansion team.

So what’s in a name, isn’t it?

Unnamed, it looks fake, hollow, and soulless. It feels like a marketing committee has created a brand that targets as many people as possible. In most cases, this is what you want. However, sport is a unique activity with peculiarities that distinguish it from other products. The rugby league – and most team sports, for that matter – is based on geographic ties and representation. Not having this in the fabric of the club makes the club feel fake and superficial.

If I had a crystal ball I would predict over time that the Dolphins will end up playing most of their games at Redcliffe and a few on the Sunshine Coast, with some big name games against the Broncos and a few other selected clubs at Suncorp. And if that happens, will the club change its name?

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with accepting that the Dolphins aren’t based in Brisbane and calling the team by their location – either the Moreton Bay Dolphins or the Sunshine Coast if they do. play it – and include that aspect in the name as well. In essence, Moreton Bay-Sunshine Coast dolphins are always better than dolphins.

Not having a name might be a silly complaint, but not allowing the expansion team to have a full name seems completely spurious, and it can limit any tribal group it wishes to obtain.

Yet the Redcliffe Dolphins are a well-resourced organization. I have no doubt that they will be a successful club in the future, and I hope that one day very soon they will rethink the nameless approach.

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