India’s First-Ever Sports NFT Introduces Latest Iconic Ball of Dinesh Karthik’s Nidahas Trophy

Cricketer Dinesh Karthik finds himself this month in a different kind of auction. This time for the very first sports NFT (non-fungible token) auction in India, which will feature one of the iconic moments in Karthik’s career – the final six ball of the 2018 India-Bangladesh match that won the India the Nidahas Trophy that year – captured as digital art Filled with an animated clip that features Karthik’s thoughts as he faced the opposing team in the closing minutes of the match.

“Every three years as players we go to an auction, so it’s always interesting, to put it mildly, but exciting too. It’s something that determines what you’ve done over a period of time. of time. But when it comes to this auction it is very different as it is the first sports NFT to come from India. And the fact that it is the first cricket NFT makes it even more exciting for us, ”Karthik said.

He said this moment was among the most watched YouTube sports videos in the world and it was amazing to relive it and share it from his perspective through the process of this collaboration with squash player Saurav Ghosal . The two athletes have coordinated with technology partners in New York to produce the digital art, titled “Six For The Win”.

“We hope ‘Six For The Win’ will usher in an era of NFT sports. It’s very exciting for us to be pioneers in the Indian NFT space itself, which is already enjoying huge success in the US and elsewhere. Non-fungible tokens are stored on a blockchain, like cryptocurrency, which means they can’t be traded or broken down, and you have an accurate history of where they came from so they can’t be counterfeit. There is great potential here for digital art and other forms of memorabilia, ”Ghosal said.

He said that with this auction, he hopes that awareness of what a TVN is and its value will increase among the Indian masses.

“An NFT increases in value over time and the ownership and providence of having an NFT is like owning a painting of great value,” explained Ghosal. “It’s very close to what we imagined. And I think the quality of the content in that particular NFT should help bring the ball home, in terms of auction.

He added that the winning bidder of the auction will also receive the autographed jersey Karthik wore during the Nidahas Trophy match, which also makes it a sporting souvenir.

“I just wanted people to know the emotion behind it… What was the bowler thinking? What was I going through then? What were the little things that happened during the game? been able to put that together in this little animated video and it looks really good. I’m very intrigued to see what kind of appreciation and love this elicits, “Karthik said.

The auction is currently underway and will be held until October 22 at

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