FA unveils new plans to improve disabled football in England

Baroness Sue Campbell said the Football Association is “driving change” after announcing a new three-year plan to improve disabled football opportunities in England.

The “Football Your Way” initiative was implemented to give people with disabilities better access to football. From 2021 to 2024, the plan is to increase grassroots participation to the elite level.

It will also work to create a more diverse workforce within the FA itself, as Campbell, the organization’s director of women’s football, praised the new program.

“It’s a very ambitious plan,” she said. “It’s a plan that stretches from participation to the elite, it’s a plan that everyone in the FA, all the different divisions, is committed to.

“It’s not just a pioneering group now, it’s the Football Association, as an organization, that is leading the change.”

Football Your Way has highlighted seven pillars that are their priority. These are: “Our People and FA Culture”, “Participation”, “Talent Path”, “National Teams”, “Coach Development”, “Marketing and Communications” and “Partnerships”.

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