How to watch the route presentations of the Tour de France 2022 and the Tour de France Women

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The annual Tour de France presentation is about as close as cycling ever gets to an Oscar-style red carpet.

Located in the Palais des Congrès in the 17th arrondissement of Paris arrondissement, the autumn gala draws the cycling version of the two-wheeled glitterati, from the reigning stars of the peloton to the big names of the past.

Directors and team managers, journalists, VIPs, politicians and other types of industries crowd into the great hall and eagerly wait for the lights to go down.

After being forced to do a virtual edition under COVID-19 restrictions last year, Tour officials confirmed VeloNews Thursday’s event will be open to the public, with 3,700 people expected to attend Thursday’s ceremony.

This year’s event will have even more suspense as details of not only the men’s course but also the new Tour de France Women will both be unveiled in a glitzy ceremony that kicks off at around 11:30 am CET.

Here’s what to expect:

The event will be broadcast live online

If you can’t make it to Paris to attend the gala in person – sorry, invitations required – it is now possible to watch the event online.

The lights go out and Tour director Christian Prudhomme and ASO CEO Jean-Etienne Amaury, the son of company founder Philippe Amaury, take the stage. The multimedia presentation is quite the production, and well worth it for any bike racing fan.

The event is scheduled to start at 11:30 am CET and could last almost two hours.

Depending on where you’re logging in (hello VPN users!), There are a number of ways to watch the event.

Here are some options:

Tour de France Club

Tour officials broadcast the presentation live via his Tour de France club.

People using the Tour platform will also be allowed to ask questions via a question-and-answer session, to participate in the distribution of a new Colnago bike and to register early for the first 100 places of the Etape. of the Tour of 2022. France.

Check out and our social media channels throughout the day for updates, route details, maps, photos, expert analysis and commentary.


The online broadcaster will also offer a live stream to its viewers in select countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific. See GCN + for more details.

Flo bikes

Flo Bikes also hosts a live stream for some North American viewers. Check out their website for more details.

Buzz ahead of the Tour de France Women’s route

This year’s event will have even more weight as details of the route will be confirmed for the inaugural edition of the Tour de France Women.

The event will be a milestone in women’s cycling, and many expect stage racing to become as important to the women’s field as it is to the men’s field soon.

The dates are already known: it will take place from July 24 to 31, one week after the men’s event and will replace the one-day race.

So read:

Last week, ASO officials confirmed that ex-professional and TV presenter Marion Rousse was the race director of the women’s edition.

What we know about the Tour de France 2022

There are still a lot of rumors about the tour route ahead of the official presentation.

What is confirmed is that the race starts on July 1 with three stages in Denmark and ends on July 24 in Paris. Denmark, which was forced to clean up its ‘big start’ in 2021 due to COVID-19, will become the 1st nation to host a Tour de France start.

So read: Denmark will host the start of the Tour de France

The 109th edition begins with a 13 km individual time trial, giving the best time trials a chance for the yellows as well as the favorites in the general classification to see some intermediate times.

Stage 2 goes from Roskilde to Nyborg, with three Cat. 4 climbs halfway, which could offer breakouts with wind and narrow roads. Stage 3 goes from Vejle to Sønderborg, again with a threat of wind and narrow roads before a massive sprint.

From there, the Tour caravan packs its bags and heads to the north of France (or maybe somewhere in the Benelux) to start over.

The gaps between there and the final stage in Paris on the Champs-Élysées will be closed on Thursday.

The 2022 Tour will end with its traditional final on the Champs-Élysées. (Photo: James begins)

Rumors about the 2022 Tour de France

There are a lot of rumors about what fills the rest of the map.

The website does a lot of research on routes, and many journalists and bike travel agencies actually pre-book their tour hotels in advance based on its guesses.

Many local newspapers make the headlines, as mayors and other government officials often confirm the tour’s arrival in their respective cities or regions, which is always a big deal for any French politician.

So read: Could this be the route of the Tour de France 2022?

The big highlight of 2022 is that many expect a return to Alpe d’Huez in 2022. The last time the famous laces were presented was in 2018 with Geraint Thomas taking the stage, so a back appearance is late.

With a start in Denmark and a transfer to northern France, the Alps are expected to come first again, with the Pyrenees entering the final week of the great loop around France.

Others suggest a possible stage with cobblestone sectors, a return to the Vosges, as well as a longer time trial at the end of the race.

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