Williams F1 team pledges to be climate positive by 2030

Williams announced his commitment to become climate positive by 2030 after aligning with a new sustainability strategy.

The Formula 1 team is the first sports team to adhere to the United Nations Climate Action Framework for Sport.

And Williams CEO Jost Capito insists his team “will develop cutting edge technology to achieve this goal.”

Capito went on to say BBC Sports: “We wanted to push the boundaries and be the driving force behind sustainable development in global motorsport and in the automotive industry at large.

“F1 has the power to inspire millions of people around the world and, as the pinnacle of so many cutting-edge technologies, F1 has the ability to create technical solutions to help meet the challenges we face. as a planet.

“As we move forward towards our goal of being climate positive in the years to come, I hope Williams Racing can inspire all who are connected with our sport and beyond, using motorsport as a catalyst for it. ‘a significant and lasting change. “

Positive climate refers to when an organization removes more carbon than it contributes to the atmosphere.

In addition to reducing emissions and energy consumption, Williams is also looking to create its own energy and develop “carbon capture technologies”.

Williams joins Mercedes and McLaren to develop their own sustainability strategies. Mercedes has had a net zero carbon footprint since last year, while McLaren aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Sport is also developing more inclusive measures to ensure that all cars run on sustainable fuels and have new engine designs by 2025 or 2026.

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