Dota 2 News: Two TI champions, Alliance and Evil Geniuses, eliminated early from TI10

Two of the last teams in the TI Championship, Alliance and Evil Geniuses, were eliminated early in the International 10.

Day three of TI10’s main event began with two rounds of lower tier elimination. It’s usually a heartbreaking series, but bidding farewell to Alliance and Evil Geniuses so early on has been devastating for some fans.

Alliance had just emerged victorious from the best-of-one elimination games where they took down Beast Coast to keep their TI dreams alive.

T1 had just come down from the top bracket after an exciting but ultimately disappointing three-game series against PSG.LGD.

Both teams were determined to continue.

T1 opted for a high-tempo match to get the game started. They were looking to crush Alliance before they got to the end of the match. The Swedish team’s laning phase seemed weak and it would take a lot for them to push the match later.

Unfortunately, for Alliance, it wasn’t even close. T1 absolutely bombed them. The SEA team came out of the gate with a very strong laning phase and after that everything was T1 until the end.


* This player was a substitute for this match

In Game 2 things started a little better for Alliance and Mortimer’s kisses gave the team a chance to avoid an early exit, but only for a while. Alliance began to crumble and the dominant T1 games and one-off support rotations were just too much for Alliance to maneuver.

In a fairly quick 2-0 series, Alliance was dropped from TI10 with a 9-12th place finish.

Evil Geniuses had the unfortunate group stage standings of being in the lower brackets to start the playoffs. Although they were able to beat Elephant in the brutal knockout series, they had to face another Chinese team soon after.

ViCi Gaming, who was considered one of the top contenders in the event, had just been placed in the lower brackets by rookie CIS team

Neither team was looking to finish their TI route just yet and had a lot to prove.

In Game 1, Evil Genuises got off to a good start with Abed dipping the base in just 18 minutes. EG was hitting all of their timings and VG seemed to be shaking hard. It was a fast and furious game and just four minutes later it was all over – in just 22 minutes.

In the second game, ViCi Gaming went with Lion since the hero seems to counter most of Abed’s best heroes. EG switched to Beastmaster again because it seemed to work so well for them in the previous game.


* This player was a substitute for this match

But this time, according to the coach, they were better prepared.

“Beastmaster gave us some trouble in the last game, so this time we changed it took Enchantress afterwards.”

And they were better prepared.

While ViCi Gaming seemed a bit disconnected and disjointed with their communication seeming to be a mess at first, they pulled it together and tightened things up.

It quickly turned into a wild game full of big fights and big buyouts. In the end, ViCi Gaming’s team fights were tougher and more controlled. Paired with the ability to grow stronger with their heroes, ViCi Gaming was able to achieve victory to tie the series together.

Before the last decisive game EG drafted a quick and quick game to put an end to things. However, ViCi Gaming didn’t let them have it. The last Lycan pick for VG and the Void Spirit survivors on 20hp turned things around in their favor with incredible games and a tenacity that never gave up after a devastating first loss.

Evil Geniuses was ranked among the top three teams to make their way to TI10 by many talents, personalities and fans, but instead fell in 9-12th place.

Main event TI10

Main event October 12of 17 October 2021

  • Sixteen teams play in a six-day double-elimination format.
    • Eight teams start in the top bracket, eight in the bottom bracket.
    • The first round of the lower bracket is Bo1, the grand finals are Bo5, all other rounds are Bo3.


TI10 pot

The final TI10 prize pool total was recorded at $ 40,018,195 when the Crowdfunding and Battle Pass purchases ended last weekend. It’s a 2401.14% increase from original base amount of $ 1.6 million.

Only 25% of sales contribute to the prize pool, which means that $ 153,672,780 was spent on purchases by fans around the world.

The previous year, The International 9’s prize pool had reached $ 34,330,068 ($ 32,730,068 added).

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