Afghanistan: FIFA evacuates at least 20 players from the women’s national team | Football news

FIFA has secured the evacuation of 100 refugees from Afghanistan, including members of the national women’s football team.

Sky Sports News was informed that the group, which traveled Thursday from Kabul, the Afghan capital, to Doha, Qatar, includes at least 20 footballers from the women’s national team.

The world’s football governing body has been working closely with the Qatari government to ensure a safe evacuation since August.

Those on board the flight were considered most at risk if they had remained in Afghanistan, and FIFA is working closely on the process of evacuating other athletes in the future.

The hardline Taliban group regained control of the Central Asian state in August following the withdrawal of Western forces, raising concerns about the well-being of women in general in the country and the future of the country. female sport.

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Afghan captain Shabnam Mobarez has described seeing her teammates evacuated from the country as a “dream come true”, but worries for those who remain.

Afghan Captain Shabnam Mobarez spoke to some of her teammates who were evacuated to Australia after the Taliban took control two months ago, and she said Sky Sports News that “it’s almost like [football] is over “for Afghan women.

Talk to Sky NewsDanish footballer Nadia Nadim, whose father was killed by the Taliban, says she does not believe the group’s promises that women and girls will be able to work and receive an education.

Reflecting on what the Taliban takeover might mean for women’s football, she said: “It’s difficult. I don’t know what to tell them because I know they won’t have the opportunity.

“I don’t know if the girls will be able to go to school, to work. I mean people should try to be hopeful even if it really looks like a bleak situation.”

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