Sam Tomkins speaks out on interest in rugby union

Sam Tomkins has won everything in rugby league – the grand finals and the challenge cups – but there was a time when the elusive fullback nearly hit the code at 13.

It was 2011 and Tomkins had just won the Grand Final with the Wigan Warriors the year before.

However, the nervous youngster wanted another challenge and almost left the club for Saracens RU – just like his brother Joel.

“Wigan is a goldfish bowl, it’s non-stop rugby league, but when I was 20 my mom and dad moved south to work,” Tomkins said on Super League Stories.

“I felt like I wanted to do something different so my agent Andy Clarke got in touch with Saracens and I had a meeting with Andy Farrell and some of the bosses.

“We have agreed on a contract and I will play for the Saracens in 2011.

“Ian Lenagan (the owner of Wigan) then put a wrench in the works with a redemption fee – mine was pretty high, so the Saracens said they would take Joel but they wouldn’t pay that money for me . “

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