Government Should Support Idea Of Independent Regulator Of Tracey Crouch Review

The government is expected to support proposals for the creation of an independent regulator for English gambling on Thursday.

The new regulator is the central recommendation of the fan-led review the government commissioned in April following the Super League storm.

The government made no comment Wednesday evening, but it is understood that it supports the principle of a regulator, and a written ministerial statement is expected to be released Thursday morning.

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said last week that the legislation required for the fan-led review would be brought forward as soon as possible (Fabio De Paola / PA)

(PA wire)

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston vowed to act “as quickly as possible” to present any necessary legislation as a result of the review when he attended a hearing of the Digital, Culture, Media and sports last week.

Tracey Crouch told the PA news agency she hopes the regulator will be fully operational by the start of the 2023-24 season, with the review recommending that a parallel regulator be put in place as soon as possible. .

The Conservative Party included the promise of a review in its manifesto for the 2019 general election following Bury’s disappearance. The financial shock that followed from the Covid-19 and then the Super League pandemic shed light on how the English game is tightly regulated and hastened the decision to launch the review.

Arguably the most surprising recommendation it contained was a “solidarity transfer tax” on deals between Premier League clubs and top-tier teams signing overseas, to support the pyramid of English football.

The review said the proceeds from such a stamp duty system could “be a game changer.”

  • A grant to ensure League One and League Two clubs have reached breakeven point
  • 80 adult 3G slots
  • 100 pitches for budding adults
  • 100 pitches for children / small grass sides
  • 30 two changing rooms for teams (including referee facilities)

On the thorny issue of parachute payments, the report says the IREF would have supporting powers to “force a solution” on the Premier League and the EFL if the leagues could not come to an agreement before the creation of the league. ‘IREF. He noted the industry’s “bad history” in making such deals.

The IREF would take responsibility for administering the tests of owners and managers in the Premier League, EFL and the Football Association, and would monitor the amount of money owners can put into a club.

The review also proposed the introduction of fixed percentage promotion and relegation clauses in player contracts.

The report called for the creation of ‘ghost councils’ to give supporters greater influence and oversight over decision-making, and on issues such as relocating a club, changing a badge or the colors of a home club, the name of the club or the attempt to participate in an unsanctioned competition. by the FA, FIFA or UEFA, a right of veto “gold share” would be granted to a public utility company (CBS) managed democratically.

Fans would have veto power to block any future Super League (PA) breakaway attempts

(AP Archives)

The report noted that 73 clubs currently have a CBS in the form of a supporter trust. He said if the veto power is exercised, the IREF will arbitrate or appoint arbitrators to resolve the dispute.

The review makes 47 recommendations in total, after hearing over 100 hours of testimony and receiving contributions from supporters of 130 clubs.

Clubs entering the EFL are expected to be given a three-year grace period to set up a grass pitch, and the review also calls on the government and the UK Football Police Unit to work on a pilot scheme to allow the sale of alcohol at sight of the land. during National League and Ligue 2 matches.

He also called on the game to provide better mental health support for female players released from the game, especially at the academy level, and for a similar review to be carried out for women’s football.

DCMS Committee Chairman Julian Knight welcomed the review’s recommendations (House of Commons / PA)

(PA wire)

Julian Knight, DCMS Committee Chairman, welcomed the review and said: “For too long professional football in this country has operated with disregard for fans and most basic good business practices.

“What we need now is urgent government action with a bill before the House. The Secretary of State must seek to introduce a football regulator in the next Queen’s Speech.

“We can no longer procrastinate, nor see these recommendations diverted in a future electoral manifesto. Today must mark the start of building a stronger, fairer and more sustainable national game. “

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