Dota 2 feature: Top 5 offlaners in last month’s ads for Dota 2 patch 7.30

Towards the end of the meta that developed around Dota 2 patch 7.30, we’re currently taking a look at the top five flane heroes in ads.

The position 3 role, or the offlane role, had an interesting impact on Dota 2. The offlane heroes were some of the most impactful in the 7.30 meta that TI10 was played on. The heroes that come to mind are Magnus, who may have been the hero of the tournament; Lycan, which has been used with a number of different melee carriers to upgrade them with Wolf Bite; and Tidehunter and Earthshaker, who were the tournament’s second and third most-chosen heroes, respectively.

While these heroes made their mark in the biggest tournament of the year, all of the flankers’ good performances were nerfed in Dota 2 patch 7.30e. With their nerves, the way was cleared for others Offlanic heroes rise up in prominent pubs. Additionally, Marci came out in the game in patch 7.30e, and although she was played in all lanes, the offlane position is perhaps the position where she has shown the most promise.

There is no clear date in sight for the release of patch 7.31, and from what the past has shown, the first DPC season could be played on patch 7.30e (or future balance patches). , which means there is still time to take a look at which heroes are performing the best offlane in the current meta. The heroes were chosen as the top performers from the Divine and Immortal supports. This data is Dotabuff compliant and has been analyzed within the last month, so it contains data from a combination of 7.30d (about one week) and 7.30e (about three weeks) fixes. The selection of heroes was made from a combination of high pick rate and high win rate heroes.

1) Marci (pick rate: 23.89%, win rate: 52.40%)

Marci is the hero making the most waves right now, and it’s not surprising. It is only natural that when a hero is released, all attention is drawn to the hero. Marci is no different, having a very high selection rate and being tried in every lane. But the way most professional gamers seem to be playing it is offline. Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang spammed Marci for many out-of-zone matches, and behaved quite well with the hero. Marci has initiation tools and can disrupt opposition, chase enemies, upgrade allies, and a way to reposition enemies away from their team (someone remembers this horned hero who did this a lot in TI10?), Which fits well in the fire-free arsenal. With her ultimate, she can also deal a lot of damage, although this is the only time her right click damage is formidable. Once she gets introduced to the Captains mode, which is slated to take place before the start of DPC Leagues Season 2 for 2021-2022, it will be interesting to see if the big teams continue to see her in the same light. She’ll get a Scepter of Aghanim upgrade and a Shard of Aghanim upgrade before that, which might make her more suited to other roles, but for now, that’s the place to be!

When Marci was released she was a bit too strong and was nerfed twice to make her a bit more balanced. This lowered his win rate initially, but as players got used to the hero, the win rate increased again (the graph shows the win rate and pick rate for all ranks, not only Divine and Immortal).

(from Dotabuff)

2) Night Stalker (pick rate: 9.91%, win rate: 52.27%)

The biggest Night Stalker buff received in Dota 2 patch 7.30 was the ability to increase the duration of Dark Ascension from 30 seconds to 40 seconds using the level 10 talent. This is a 33.33% increase in power. duration of his ultimate, and according to Dotabuff, this is the chosen talent in 68.6% of games, which is no surprise. The cooldown has also been increased to maintain the same downtime, but the important factor is that NS gets an additional 10 seconds of darkness and time he can fly and have unobstructed vision. In a team fight, 10 seconds is HUGE! This can very well be the difference between a winning or losing team fight. With other loafers dropping in the pecking order due to the nerves of Dota 2 patch 7.30e, NS is currently one of the best loafers to ply your trade in advertising games.

3) Necrophos (pick rate: 6.10%, win rate: 53.45%)

Necrophos received decent buffs in patch 7.30, but the buffs weren’t enough to make him a powerful hero for TI10. But like Night Stalker, the hero has seen a resurgence with others losing popularity. Necro is one of the more versatile offlaners, who can use Radiance build, magic damage build, or be a healer with Guardian Greaves and Death Pulse spam. Necro’s magic damage potential has been greatly improved with the modified Shard of Aghanim upgrade decreasing enemy Magic Resist by 25%. It also helps that the meta is geared towards healers, with the Holy Medallion being a popular item, although it was nerfed in patch 7.30e.

(taken from

4) Commander of the Legion (pick rate: 14.51%, win rate: 50.73%)

Legion Commander started out as a hotly contested hero at TI10, but his popularity waned as more heroes rose to the fore. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a strong hero in the offflane. In one of the first TI10 games between OG and Alliance, Sebastian “Ceb” Debs showed the power of his new talent which gives him the +200 Duel range, making it harder to escape from a walking LC. towards you to challenge you to a duel. According to Dotabuff, talent has a selection rate of 77.2%, which is an indicator of its quality. A strong talent that can be obtained at level 10 has a very strong impact, as it’s available very early in the game (duh!), And has a big impact on a hero’s strength in a meta. LC also has one of the best Shards of Aghanim upgrades, which grants 1.5 seconds of magical immunity with Press The Attack, which makes it worth choosing stronger.

(taken from

5) Earthshaker (Pick Rate: 10.33%, Win Rate: 50.70%)

Over the past few years, Earthshaker has been a hero who is always improved in the patch right before TI. IceFrog and Valve may love the energy and excitement that Raigor Stonehoof brings to TI games, and it also helps the crowd cheer with Earthshaker hitting his Totem on the big screen when chosen! The crux of the matter is that Earthshaker was buffed twice before TI10, which made him the third most-chosen hero in Bucharest. After TI, there was a slight nerf to its Fissure mana cost. Additionally, Fae Grenade was nerfed, which gave her two Enchant Totem right clicks. But even without that, Earthshaker is a mighty hero, who can do a lot of magical and physical damage. The base attack damage increase from +20 to +30 for the level 10 talent he obtained in patch 7.30 is a 40 damage increase from Enchanting Totem (before armor reductions) , while Aftershock’s bonus damage and radius was a massive buff for his magic damage and area control abilities. These weren’t nerfed, keeping the hero a strong option in the 3 position role.

(taken from

Honorable mentions

Lycan (select rate: 2.88%, win rate: 57.05%)
Beastmaster (select rate: 5.21%, win rate: 56.50

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