Fury chieftain makes a rude remark about Jake Paul’s lover

Boxing father John Fury threatened that his son Tommy “will make” rival Jake Paul’s girlfriend “like a dog” after knocking him out, in a jubilant rant at a press conference before the clash of the couple in December.

Undefeated novices Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will face off on December 18 at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla.

Amid the bizarre name change requests in the fight contract and Paul’s alleged 4-0 refusal to submit to VADA drug tests, the build-up was hampered by bad blood.

The fighters’ girlfriends – Molly-May Hague and Julia Rose – were also involved, with Paul’s partner Rose challenging former Love Island contestant Hague to a mud wrestling match.

Clearly embarrassing Tommy who let out a sigh, however, John Fury took matters into his own hands as both sides held a joint video-linked press conference on Wednesday and made numerous statements regarding Rose.

“Do you know when Tommy knocks you out? He’s going to bend your girlfriend over and make her like a dog,” the 57-year-old threatened.

“You cringe like crazy,” replied Paul, who appeared to be sitting in a pool while wearing a pineapple-themed hat.

“You are a cringe old man who shouldn’t be on stage.

“Nobody cares about John Fury. You’ve never accomplished anything in your life; you live vicariously through your sons. I see three idiots on stage,” the Ohio native added with reference to Fury Sr. , who is also the father of world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson, another chaotic press conference attendee.


“I don’t care whether you’re live or not,” John Fury said when asked to moderate him. “If you don’t like it, change your TV channel.

“You’re the idiot for taking this fight and you get it, big ass. Enjoy the moment. Dream, d * ckhead,” John continued to Paul.

“This is the first real fight you’re involved in and you’re going to feel Tommy Fury’s wrath,” he threatened, while revealing that he watched Paul’s last fight, a controversial points win. against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, where he thought the YouTuber was “actually garbage”.

“I don’t know who blew up the smoke from your ringtone, but you’re bullshit with a capital ‘R’,” John scoffed.

“Shut up schoolboy and talk when you are spoken to,” he ordered Paul.

“You shut up, big lard,” replied the 24-year-old.

“You are angry because you cannot come to the United States,” he said, referring to John’s criminal record after an 11-year prison sentence for trying to gut his eyes out. a man, which prevents him from being able to obtain an American visa.

John said Paul looked “like you came straight out of a humorous joke store”, and demanded that he take his glasses off “so I can see the fear in your eyes.”

“I thought I was ugly and needed a bolt in my neck to look like Frankenstein, but he beats me ten times. Look at that jawbone, my God,” John scoffed.

“It’s a good thing you have a beard over there, Paul, leave it because Tommy sure can’t miss that with either hand and you’ll find out shortly.”

“That’s why you’re a single old man,” Paul teased.

“I’ll tell you what it is, you wouldn’t like to meet the old man. You can thank your lucky stars, I’m banned from your country for slapping you,” John replied.

“You wouldn’t be a man enough to stay in my presence… I would put you on my knees and spank you like a five year old,” he said.

Separately, on BBC Radio, 7-0 Tommy Fury admitted that he had only fought “for financial gain and to make my name grow in America”.

“You can’t talk about it in terms of boxing. He doesn’t hold a title. He doesn’t hold any rankings. He isn’t valued as a boxer, so there’s no other reason why I would. .

“So thank you very much Jake Paul for letting me steal your bank account and not wear a mask and get away with it,” he finished.

Back at the press conference, Tommy insisted that “talking doesn’t win fights.”

“I’m not engaged in all of this because I don’t care,” he said.

“I don’t use Instagram because I don’t care. When he hits the ropes, he’ll realize I’m not a YouTuber.”

WBC and The Ring champion Tyson, who is Tommy’s fight coach, predicted that “poor old Jake Paul will be severely knocked out.”

“[The Paul brothers] are not combatants, ”he stressed. Tommy will put it on next week.

“I think you’re awake,” he said personally to Jake.

Pulled aside by iFL TV, however, and probed for his next potential opponent after an 11th round knockout loss to Deontay Wilder last month, Fury stressed that he was “not really interested in fighting Joe Joyce” .

“I’m probably looking at someone like [female WBO middleweight ruler] Savannah Marshall will fight in a cross-genre heavyweight championship game, ”said Fury.

“It’s more interesting for me. I really consider Savannah a fighter, I think she’s an amazing fighter and I would be really interested in doing the fight to be honest.

“She’s a big girl and a super middleweight, I think, so I would go down to 17th from 20th and she could come from 12th or something and do a gender fight… I am serious, “Fury insisted.

“I’m not bothered, I have fun every day,” Fury said, when asked if he was disappointed with the latest setback from obligatory WBC contestant Dillian Whyte, who is involved in a legal case with the ‘organization.

“But I will look forward to this fight with Savannah if [Oleksandr] Usyk and [Anthony] Joshua is not coming, ”he continued.

“I always said I was only interested in two fights – Anthony Joshua and [WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO champion] Oleksandr Usyk.

“Other than that, I’m not interested. But I’d be open to fighting Savannah Marshall – the challenge is out there Savannah. Take it up,” he demanded.


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