Russia opposes politicization of Beijing Winter Olympics

MOSCOW, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) – Russia opposes the politicization of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

“We believe that sport should be kept separate from politics. We have no doubt that China will be able to host the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at the highest level against the backdrop of existing anti-epidemic restrictions,” Zakharova said in her weekly briefing.

She noted that the United States has “regularly, under wacky pretexts” organized disinformation and political campaigns to disrupt the holding of the Olympics in countries that do not obey Washington’s orders.

She recalled how Russia also faced a campaign of disinformation from the United States when it hosted the Winter Olympics in Sochi, including threats of a boycott, but the sporting event turned out to be turned out to be an important event in the history of the Olympic Games.

“We wish China the same success, not to succumb to provocative statements, but to organize everything in the name of sport and peace, in the name of athletes and sports fans,” Zakharova said.

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