Who is Ronaldo’s new head coach?

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) – Ralf Rangnick may have painful memories of his last footballing job in England.

Roughly knocked down by an opposing player, the German amateur footballer and Sussex University student spent three weeks in hospital. The defensive midfielder was forced to take a four-month break due to injury.

Few people may have noticed the three broken ribs in 1979. Rangnick never reached the top as a player, but later became one of the most influential coaches in German football.

The German coach remembers a great year in the jersey of FC Southwick, located west of Brighton. “It was the second game at Chichester. I was knocked down and couldn’t breathe properly,” he said. No surprise, as three ribs broke, one stuck in his lung.

Today the 63-year-old former Schalke, Hoffenheim and Leipzig coach entered the international stage as reports speak of him as the new boss of Cristiano Ronaldo and the Manchester United squad.

Officially on his way to becoming a sports and English teacher, Rangnick would sign a contract until the end of this season as the successor to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, followed by two years as a club advisor.

After his job in Leipzig, Rangnick started a career as a club developer, working for the Russian part of Locomotive Moscow.

Speaking fluent English, her new job cannot fail due to a language barrier.

Although he never ended up at one of the big clubs, Rangnick in Germany is known as the founder of the back-chain four, relying on zone marking and several other tactical inventions.

He led Hoffenheim and Leipzig from lower leagues to the first tier, doing remarkable development work. His nickname in Germany, “Professor”, may not be relevant anymore, but it is a testament to his ability to implement convincing tactical strategies.

What exactly would be one of the reasons United signed the German. The Premier League side must turn the tide after the team have returned to eighth position in the domestic league.

Reports speak of United looking for a new head coach for the 2022-2023 season, relying on Rangnick’s expertise.

Media are talking about Rangnick’s absence from this weekend’s game against Chelsea due to missing UK working papers. England icon Garry Lineker hailed the Red Devils stage as a smart move.

Whereas Rangnick is not known as an extremely emotional coach, but favors a modern attacking style of play. His skills as a man championing sustainable strategies may have sparked United’s interest.

Rangnick has influenced the careers of a number of coaches like Thomas Tuchel. Chelsea coach’s active career as a footballer ended after a knee injury; Rangnick appointed him talent coach in Ulm. “He didn’t even want to be a coach; he worked in a bar,” Rangnick said.

Reports speak of Arsenal as the first challenge for the 2011 German Cup winner in the Premier League. Before starting his United job, final negotiations with Moscow must be carried out. The Russian side will not spoil Rangnick’s great dream of taking over one of the great sons once in his life.

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